Compare ESET's levels of protection for macOS


ESET Cyber Security Pro


ESET Cyber Security

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Compare ESET's levels of protection for macOS

Complete Antivirus Protection

Antivirus and Antispyware Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, worms and spyware.

Anti-Phishing Protects against malicious HTTP websites attempting to acquire your sensitive information – usernames, passwords, banking information or credit card details.

Auto-Scan of Removable Media Scans devices and media for malware immediately upon insertion.

Cross-Platform Protection Stops malware spreading from macOS to Windows endpoints and vice versa.

Performance Optimization

Presentation Mode No disruptive pop-ups during presentations, videos or other full-screen applications.

Small System Footprint Maintains high computer performance and extends the lifetime of hardware.

Easy to use

Fast Updates Updates are small and automatic, so won’t noticeably affect your internet connection speed.

Free Support in Local Language Receive free email and telephone support in your local language, anywhere you are.

Multi-Platform Protection*




Android tablets and smartphones

Enjoy secure web browsing

Personal Firewall Prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer.

Removable Media Control Allows you to prevent unauthorized copying of your private data to external device.

Web and Email Scanning Scans websites (HTTP) while you browse and checks all incoming emails (POP3/IMAP) for viruses and other threats.

Monitor your network and devices

Parental Control Block unwanted internet content by categories and keep your children safe.

Network Connections Helps you understand what is happening on your network interfaces.

Choose level of protection

Advanced protection

Most popular
ESET Cyber Security Pro

  • Multi-platform protection
    macOS, Windows and Android
  • Award-winning antivirus
    makes my online journey easier
  • Keep me safe from attacks
    that hold my data for ransom
  • Stop hackers
    from accessing my computer
  • Monitor my home network traffic
    and let me view all communications


Essential protection

ESET Cyber Security

  • Transfer my license 
    to Windows device
  • Award-winning antivirus
    makes my online journey easier
  • Keep me safe from attacks
    that hold my data for ransom
protected users worldwide
prestigious VB100 awards
years of NOD32 technology
global R&D centers

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ESET Cyber Security Pro
Comprehensive and reliable internet security for modern users, including personal firewall and parental control.

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Do I need antivirus for my macOS?

Yes. If you’re using a Mac computer, it’s vital you have up-to-date antivirus software running.

Macs remain a popular choice – this had made them an increasingly lucrative target for criminals. As more people have started using Macs, hackers have created new malware to target them. Our antivirus for macOS is industry leading, and we keep it constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats.