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ESET Endpoint Security Ranked As Top Performer

ESET has been recognized as the most lightweight solution on market in special business test by AV-Comparatives

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ESET Undisputed No.1 in Spam Protection

ESET security solutions scored highest in key spam-filtering tests for both business and home users

Latest Press Releases

ESET Presents Industroyer Findings at Black Hat 2017

Senior Malware Researchers Offer Technical Details and Discuss Implications of Malware Targeting Industrial Control Systems.

ESET Waves Red Flag: Insight into Hidden Malware Affecting 500,000 Users

Dubbed Stantinko, this network of bots tricks victims into downloading pirated software from fake torrent sites. Once infiltrated, it installs browser extensions that inject fake ads.

ESET to Highlight Groundbreaking Research Findings at Black Hat 2017

From July 22–27, 2017 at Black Hat in Las Vegas, NV, IT security firm ESET will lead two important sessions on original discovery of the Industroyer malware and massive cyberattacks like WannaCry and...

ESET Asks Whether TeleBot’s Practice Makes Perfect – PETYA

Is PETYA’s new effectivity down to EternalBlue, or just practice?

Corporate Blog

“Petya” Ransomware: What we know now

A massive new ransomware attack that started in Ukraine is spreading across Europe and the United States, according to Reuters and multiple other sources. 


What you need to know about WannaCry

On Friday, May 12, 2017, a ransomware attack known as “WannaCry” or “WannaCryptor” (detected by ESET as Win32/Filecoder.WannaCryptor.D) began to spread across the globe at an unprecedented scale and...

In the banking sector? ESET’s latest banking malware discovery is a must-read

ESET researchers illustrated how a new cybercrime group called RTM is relentlessly deploying complex malware targeting software used by businesses to make bulk transfers via the Remote Banking System.

The new rules of security for the enterprise

ESET CEO Andrew Lee talks ESET Threat Intelligence, the latest ESET security offering for the enterprise

We Live Security

Are smartphones threatening the security of our IoT devices?

The number of IoT devices is set to surpass 20 billion by 2020. We take a look at how connected things threaten our security as cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in the smartphones that control them.

Black Hat: Hacking the firmware, the next frontier

Trick the firmware and you have access to the whole system. Here at Black Hat, there are a lot of people doing just that.

ESET’s Anton Cherepanov picks up Pwnie for Best Backdoor

Anton Cherepanov, a malware researcher at ESET, has picked up a Pwnie Award for Best Backdoor at this year’s ceremony at Black Hat USA 2017 in Las Vegas.

Homograph attacks: Don’t believe everything you see

A homograph attack is what happens when attackers register domains that are similar to the originals, with valid certificates.

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