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Cybersecurity Leader from Slovakia to Build the Next Hub of the Industry

ESET’s future green campus and company headquarters cost will rise to approximately 100 million Euro


It’s a five out of five for ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security recently earned five out of five stars in every category following a review by SC Magazine

Latest Press Releases

ESET Performs Best in Inaugural Test of Android Security Apps for Corporate Users

The enterprise version of ESET’s Android mobile security app, ESET Endpoint Security for Android, reached the best score in the first edition of the Android Security Apps for Corporate Users test by...

Cyber-espionage group Turla (a.k.a. Snake) now uses Gmail web interface for command and control, ESET discovers

ESET researchers uncover a new version of the ComRAT backdoor, a favorite tool of the Turla group. The updated backdoor uses the Gmail web UI to receive commands and exfiltrate data.

ESET researchers detect a new trick used by malware to slip into the official Android app store

ESET researchers discovered an extremely stealthy – yet surprisingly simple – technique that misused Accessibility Services but required no other suspicious permission nor had any other malicious...

Winnti Group targets video game developers again, ESET researchers uncover

ESET researchers discover a new backdoor named PipeMon used by the Winnti Group against several video game companies that develop MMO games PipeMon targets companies in South Korea and Taiwan.

Corporate Blog

What is Spear-Phishing and why is it so dangerous?

Recent high profile data breaches such as JP Morgan, Siemens and Target are all attributed to spear phishing attacks. Whatever size your organization is, be aware that it and you may be a target.

Ransomware protection crucial to enterprise

Ransomware is malicious code that blocks or encrypts the contents of a device and demands a ransom to restore access to the data.

Shortage of IT security specialists? Outsourcing security services may be an option

Verifiable information shows that the European Union is facing a critical shortage of IT specialists. Another standout issue relates to the low proportion of security experts among IT specialists.

Interview: Addressing the lack of IT Security Specialists with technology

We sit down with Michal Jankech, Principal Product Manager at ESET, to discuss major security challenges faced by large companies.