Centrally manage your security solutions from anywhere at anytime with ESET PROTECT Cloud

A secured cloud solution that scales alongside your business, safeguards your critical assets, and provides uninterrupted operation.

Cloud Security Management


Manage company endpoints globally and respond to problems from one place.

Cost Savings

Enjoy further savings without  the need for costly hardware  upgrades, server requirement or regular maintenance.


Manage your ESET security solutions easily according to your company’s needs.



Setup is convenient and quick, requires no server setup, saves more time and resources.

Ease of deployment

Installation requires server, more time and resources.

Supports hybrid working readiness, respond to problems and contain threats remotely.

Ease of management

Limited hybrid working capability, respond to problems, and contain threats locally.

Avoids the requirements of hardware and associated hassles with maintenance.

Cost savings

Require regular maintenance of hardware, may require additional IT staff.

Always up-to-date ESET PROTECT console with automatic updates and upgradesReceive quicker support for all ESET PROTECT console changes & issues.

IT expertise

Manually update and upgrade ESET PROTECT console. ESET Specialists may take more time to resolve issuesSupport for ESET PROTECT console changes & issues may take longer.

Scale up your protection easily as your company grows in employee sizeat your fingertips.


Scaling up is challenging due to the physical limitations of hardware and infrastructurelimited by hardware and infrastructure.

Endless possibilities suitable for companies with different requirements

Cloud management provides business-grade protection without the hassle of deploying extensive IT hardware. It’s perfect for expanding to a larger office with more employees or running a small home business.

  • ESET PROTECT Cloud operates in a virtual environment and requires no physical hardware like servers.
  • Enables fast upscaling of endpoint security to accommodate the evolving needs of your company.
  • Configure, manage and troubleshoot security incidents across all endpoints connected via the cloud console.
  • Strict security practices and controls are set in place to protect customer information within ESET PROTECT Cloud. Learn more.

Know your long-term hidden costs

ESET estimates your savings

Discover the impact of long-term hidden costs with Oliver

Oliver runs a successful small business, that provided IT services to clients across various industries. He was proud of the reputation he had built for his company over the years, but he is increasingly concerned about the security of his business data.

As the amount of data and employees in his company grew through business expansion, and with only 1 IT administrator, Oliver knows he needs to find a solution that would keep his data and employee endpoints safe while keeping expenses low to continue remaining profitable.

Therefore, Oliver is spending much less for protection with Cloud Console.

Take control of your security
from anywhere, at anytime.

ESET PROTECT Cloud console offers full network visibility, including on-premises and off-premises devices. IT admins can effortlessly monitor and resolve security detections from anywhere, whether employees are remote or in-office. Seamlessly manage ESET security software — all within the cloud console.

ESET PROTECT Cloud benefits at a glance

Protect your business from anywhere

Your business never sleeps, and neither should your security. Connect to our Cloud console from anywhere, at any time to manage the security of your business data and infrastructure, ensuring maximum protection.


Your one-stop shop for all your individual security needs. From the deployment to the maintenance of ESET client software, we’ve got you covered. Through our cloud infrastructure, you can manage and perform tasks conveniently from your web browser.

issues faster

Businesses today move fast, and so should your problem-solving. Through the cloud console, enjoy faster response time in resolving your security issues. Leave complex security workflow to us and stay ahead of your game.

Reduce cost of ownership

ESET PROTECT Cloud deployment avoids the requirement of hardware and associated hassles with maintenance which translates to long-term cost savings for you.

Find out how much you can save with our specially curated Cloud Savings Calculator just for you!