Full Security Management - from Prevention to Response

Automated security management and threat remediation

Flexible, comprehensive reporting

Complete network visibility

Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive, cross-platform protection for computers and mobile devices

Block targeted attacks

Stop fileless attacks

Secure Browser

File Server

Multilayered protection for the file server system

Safeguard the file storage

Network Attack Protection improves server resilience

Detect advanced persistent threats

Full Disk Encryption

Manage encryption on Windows and macOS machines

Deploy, activate and encrypt devices in a single action

Encrypt system disks, partitions or entire drives


Ransomware and zero-day threats detection

Powerful cloud sandbox analysis backed by machine learning techniques

Behavior-based Detection

Granular reports with detailed information about samples and their behavior


Multilayered technology filtering spam and malware

Anti-phishing protection

Protection for the server's file system

Robust quarantive management

Cloud app protection

Enhanced anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing technology

Automatic protection of new user mailboxes

Immediate notification when detection of malware occurs

Protecting Exchange Online and OneDrive applications

Endpoint Detection & Response

Synchronized detection and remediation in multiplatform environments

Respond to incidents with built-in set of rules or custom rules

Prevent company policy violation

Features an API for effective integration with SIEMs, SOARs, ticketing tools and many others

ESET shares its knowledge and experience of security in the broadest sense of the word. They are not just concerned with their own products, but with what they can truly do for the customer.

Rick van de Westelaken, De Volksbank

ESET has brought reliability and stability and therefore a great trust in the product to us and much peace of mind. And all of this for a price that is very cost-effective!

Eric Mattioni, IS Operations Manager, The Hospital Center of Luxembourg

I thought it was a given that security software installed on PCs caused slowdowns. But with ESET the difference is very clear – it runs in the background without us even noticing.

Hirokazu Minoguchi, IT Division Expert, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Since the installation of ESET, we’ve seen virtually no performance issues, and more CPU time is now available to applications and users on servers.

Christian Jandl, Systems Engineer, SPAR

Outstanding results of ESET Endpoint Security solution in the recent Real-World Protection Test

ESET achieves highest score in SE Labs test in Q1 2020

ESET recognised for peak excellence in the category of usability in the AV Test annual test results

ESET achieved the highest final score in the latest VBSpam test

Manage your business licenses from a single dashboard

ESET Business Account provides real-time visibility into your licenses seamlessly from a single dashboard and allows you to activate security solution easily.

What is ESET Business Account?

ESET Business Account (EBA) is a free licensing management platform for business customers seeking more control, reporting and overview of their ESET licenses.

It’s the entry point for using ESET cloud services, and works with all ESET’s on-premise and cloud-based products.

EBA provides real-time visibility into your licenses from a single dashboard, allowing you to activate and use your security solutions with ease. Use EBA to view available and in-use seats in real-time and control all your licenses.

Why do I need to set it up?

  • No need to remember a license key. Activate the software with your email and a password you have created.
  • Monitor real-time status and usage of all your ESET business licenses from one place.
  • Receive notifications for important events. 
  • Deactivate and recoup costs immediately so no license is wasted or lost.
  • Generate offline license files in environments without internet connectivity.
  • Keep license details updated and ensure all your licenses are compatible with new products.

Please have your licensing email available as you will need to enter your license key to activate your account. Need to retrieve a lost license?

Configure and download your installer. Then continue to STEP 2 below.

Create ESET Business Account (optional)

With ESET Business Account, you can activate and manage your product with your account credentials. No need to remember license key.