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ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac OS X

ESET Endpoint Antivirus: essential antimalware protection

  • Comprehensive Endpoint Protection for Mac OS X
  • Low System Demands Leaves more system resources free while still delivering complete protection.
  • Remote Management. Fully manageable via the new ESET Remote Administrator web console.
  • Ultimate Detection in Multi-Platform Environments. Can detect OS X and Windows threats on either platform.
  • License Administrator. Handle your licenses in real-time even if you are not using ESET Remote Administrator.

The product has a small footprint on our workstations but is very robust, and the options available in the policies allow me to do everything I need.
– J.O.

ESET Delivers for you

Your Endpoints

Ease of Use

Antivirus and Antispyware Protection
Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware with optional cloud-powered scanning for even better performance and detection.

Anti-Phishing - Avoid Being Hooked
Protects end users from attempts by fake websites to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card details.

Cross-platform Protection
ESET security solutions for OS X are capable of detecting Windows threats and vice-versa, delivering better protection in multi-platform environments.

Optimized for the Virtual Environment
ESET Shared Local Cache stores the metadata of scanned files so replica files on one machine are not scanned again on other virtual machines.

Low System Demands – Keep Business Moving Along
ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac OSX delivers proven protection while leaving more system resources for essential programs that end users depend on daily.

Extremely User-Friendly Remote Administration
ESET Endpoint Security for OS X is fully manageable via ESET Remote Administrator. delivering a perfect “look & see” overview of the network security status.

Mac OS X Server Support
Ensures the solution does not interfere with Mac OS X Server system and the most commonly used applications. Support for Mac OS X Server for OS X 10.7 and above.

Familiar Design
Has the crisp design and familiar layout you're used to in a Mac. Tools pane view is highly intuitive, allowing for quick navigation. Supports high resolution displays.

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System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: OS X 10.6 and higher
  • Compatible with the new ESET Remote Administrator 6 
    Note: Not compatible with previous versions of ESET Remote Administrator
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