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Prevent. React. Foresee.

Combining the skills of our world-class IT security research teams with the cutting-edge technology of ESET products that act preventively, proactively and reactively.


The world’s best professional support—backed by ESET’s teams of renowned researchers, operating across the globe—is available 24/7/365 to address your security management needs.

Fast response times

When you’re under pressure, standard product support isn't always enough. Exchange your place in the ‘ticket queue’ for a guaranteed response time.

Ease of management

The solutions you need to protect your organization can be highly complex. With ESET experts on hand, resolving issues and security incidents becomes a manageable task.

Business continuity

ESET products are designed to be intuitive and come with comprehensive documentation. Still, access to ESET expertise reduces the risk of slowdown or interruption to vital operations.

Resource allocation

If your IT personnel are already committed to core-business tasks, try our MDR solutions—rely on ESET for managed security services.

Reduced risk

Complex security risks, and the resources spent resolving them, can threaten an organization's survival. With guaranteed support from ESET, your security operations are protected.

We lead in MDR!

ESET is among the Market & Overall Leaders in MDR according to KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2023

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Continuous protection for your evolving IT environment

ESET Detection & Response Essential provides a level of security that exceeds standard product support. It focuses on the actual security-related challenges that organizations face, complementing ESET products by investigating, identifying and responding to threats that penetrate standard defenses. It covers everything from basic malware investigation to removal.

ESET Detection and Response Advanced strengthens your organization’s digital security by providing 24/7 support from cyber threat experts. No need to invest in your own active threat and campaign hunting: ESET teams are doing this on your behalf. If an incident occurs, Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) assistance guarantees that a dedicated ESET expert is available to provide consultation and analysis, while continuous improvement and automation means you are always protected.

Worried about ransomware, zero-day threats or email attacks? ESET offers managed services for SMB and Enterprise customers. These 24/7 threat management services use AI and human expertise to deliver world-class ransomware protection without the need to maintain teams of in-house security specialists.

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Compare ESET´s detection and response services

ESET Detection and Response Essential

Investigate, identify and resolve threats to your endpoints

ESET Detection and Response Advanced

Personalized assistance with XDR and 24/7 support

ESET Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Your business is protected 24/7 by human experts


Guaranteed by SLA

Guaranteed by SLA

Compare ESET's Managed Detection & Response services

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Global Threat Intelligence Team By your side, with knowledge of all the most important emerging threat detections for cyber crime, APTs and zero-days – and constantly implementing measures to counter them.

Active Campaign Hunting Even if you don’t have the time or resources to monitor active campaigns by malware groups, ESET experts are doing so proactively.

Continual Improvement and
Automation You are always protected. Continually tests detection and response mechanisms, updating where necessary.

Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) Assistance In the event of an incident or identified threat, a dedicated ESET expert is available to provide you with a consultation, which can result in a detailed file analysis or digital forensic analysis, where appropriate.

Malware Detection Support Allows you to communicate any detection problems, and suspected misses or false positives, directly to ESET experts, who will use the data to tailor your custom detection rules to meet your specific needs and environment.

Malware File Expert Analysis Receive a tailored response from ESET experts. Consultations are provided, potentially leading to file or digital forensic analyses.

Customized Threat Hunting for All Current Threats Benefit from customized threat hunting on a recurring basis, focused on current global trending threats.

Advanced Signal Hunting Library Entitles you to access sophisticated rules that can be further tailored to your environment.

Behavior Patterns and Exclusions Optimization Rule sets and exclusions, optimized and customized to align with your environment.

Attack Vectors Visibility A purpose-built design feature of the ESET interface allows analysis of individual parts of each attack, thereby identifying specific attack vectors. 

Continuous Expert-Led Threat Hunting From Continuous Expert-led Threat Hunting please included that those capabilities are available in the MDR service. Perhaps via the tooltip with text in MDR service.

Tailored Reporting You’ll receive, automatically or on-demand, reports about incidents (pending and resolved), the status of your environment, and other updates flowing from ESET MDR services.

24/7 Expert-Led Continuous Monitoring, Hunting, Triage and Response Your environment is also protected by a 24/7 human-led service that leverages IoC, IoA, UEBA, AI, and comprehensive internal and external TI feeds. This service is designed to decloak and reveal malicious activity, and perform containment and eradication actions, to prevent serious damage.

Dedicated Incident Response Lead In case of an incident, an ESET specialist can, with your cooperation, provide you with complete end-to-end resolution of the issue.

Historical Threat Hunting Benefit from complex, hypothesis-driven threat hunting that uses deep analysis, historical data, and observation of potential threat actors to pre-empt attacks.

Deployment & Upgrade Have your newly purchased ESET product installed and your existing ESET product upgraded to a later version – by our in-house specialists based on your specific environment and needs.

Expert Assistance for MDR Alerts, with More Context Guidance from a security expert and full-spectrum IT security assistance to make the most of ESET Detection & Response Ultimate – at a time that suits you.

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Premier endpoint protection against zero-day threats, backed by powerful data security.

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Complete multilayered protection for endpoints, cloud applications & email—the #1 threat vector.

  • Prevent zero-day threats
  • Safeguard your business data
  • Secure computers, mobiles, file and mail servers
  • Protect Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace apps

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ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 According to IDC, ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 thanks to its industry longevity, technical prowess, research excellence and financial stability.

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ESET is a ‘Top Player’ in Advanced Persistent Threat protection ESET has been recognized as a ‘Top Player’ for the fourth year in a row in Radicati’s 2023 Advanced Persistent Threat Market Quadrant

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ESET among Market & Overall leaders in MDR Leadership Compass 2023

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