Continuous protection for your evolving IT environment

ESET Detection and Response Advanced offers round-the-clock support. We work with your team to develop a response and remediation plan that balances your company’s business and cybersecurity needs. This allows you to focus on your core business, without compromising security.

This package is designed to complement ESET Inspect. It fuses the advantages of granular visibility with the knowledge and experience of industry-leading experts to deliver improved detection, threat hunting, investigation, and targeted actions to eliminate threats. This service includes initial optimization—an assessment of the organization’s environment to best customize the solution—helping to achieve the highest level of protection and satisfy the criteria of cyber insurance providers.

Benefit from a solution that marries advanced machine learning with human expertise. Its extensive threat-hunting capabilities allow organizations to respond to threats in real time and include historical traceability—maintaining a history of endpoint activity allows for in-depth analysis of events leading up to security alerts. With ESET Inspect, this cybersecurity solution includes adversary monitoring and means that a global threat intelligence team is supporting your business.

This package covers everything from basic malware investigation and removal to file analysis, incident investigation and response, digital forensics, assistance with ESET Inspect, and comprehensive threat hunting.