ESET backs top eSports team Infamous Gaming at the finals of Dota 2 Tug of War championship

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Rene Holt

Infamous Gaming goes to Kiev for the WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon tournament

“As Heroes from all over found themselves drawn into the fray, none suspected that they were taking part in the ultimate battle of a conflict that had raged since the beginning of time.” - Archronicus

An ancient game. The stakes are high. Radiant and Dire — the Ancients, primordial beings locked in eternal combat — have fallen from their Mad Moon prison into the world. Splintered crude rocks they have become, but the unending struggle perdures by beckoning forth a new breed of Heroes enthralled by their influence.

One by one, these Heroes rise out of Latin America, P4PITA, ROBO-Z, SLAD1N-, TIMADO and SACRED, each wielding the primitive power of the moon fragments, each inextricably bound to defend the stronghold of his patron Ancient and destroy the other. A swarthy band called Infamous Gaming.

Radiant vs. Dire, white hat vs. black hat — that is the rule of the game. Your adversaries love to play this game. They love being black hats. Danger attracts them and so does a high reward for a successful attack.

After all, the trophy is large. $300,000 for the victor of the Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon, yet millions more for the subtle black hat thief in our world. Only eight teams of Heroes can gather in Kiev, Ukraine, but millions more can gather in ours — the greater digiverse.

A saga only waits to be told by the victor at the foot of the Kiev hills who can harness what Radiant and Dire have so favorably bestowed in a final showdown. Tactics and team coordination are vital to build up strength as quickly as possible. Wits to match the brawn are necessary to destroy the power of the enemy Ancient. The tug of war of this world pleads mercy only to the unending tug of war in ours.

So, take advantage of your strategic mind and tactical PC weapons to control the game. Choose a strong, reliable and enthusiastic security partner to play the game on your side. The one that will provide you with a security solution optimized for your game and with perfect tools to keep the game in control.

With ESET, you have the power to catch both the black hats and the Ancients. We can see them trying to sneak in and prevent them from entering your game and doing damage. We take care of them without bothering you, effectively and fast. That is the power of ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

Heroes wield your moon rock strength! Concentrate on the battle. Together we are stronger and smarter than the adversary.

Join Infamous Gaming in Kiev, Ukraine, on 19-23 February and watch the fight for the Tug of War: Mad Moon trophy.