ESET’s Encryption Outperforms Competitors in Latest AV-Comparatives Survey

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In the first business encryption test by AV-Comparatives, ESET’s encryption solution DESlock+ Pro was declared the leading encryption solution on the market for small and medium businesses looking to protect and safeguard their data. According to the results, DESlock+ Pro outperformed four other mainstream enterprise encryption products. The report confirms that ESET’s solution enables SMBs and SMEs to have access to a full range of encryption options that set the standard for the industry.Heralded for its ease of installation, simple management server set up, clean design, and full range of functionality, DESlock+ Pro covers full disk, file/folder and removable media encryptions, with management from a console.“The need for better encryption services has never been more important for SMEs and we’re proud to offer a leading solution that is used by innovative SMEs, and is now recognized by AV-Comparatives,” said David Tomlinson, Manager of ESET’s DESlock business unit. “At ESET, we’ve developed effective and accessible encryption solutions tailored specifically to SMEs, not only to ensure they comply with data security regulations around the world, but to protect businesses and their most sensitive data.”Encryption of system drives and removable media has become an increasingly important security consideration for all businesses, regardless of size. In fact, the European Union recently introduced major regulatory changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) valid from May 2018, identifying encryption as part of the regulation itself.However, according to a report by IDC, which surveyed small and medium-sized businesses, 20% of organizations are not prepared at all for the new EU regulations, while 59% are not fully GDRP-compliant.“Given the growing importance of IT and data security, this is the first time AV-Comparatives has conducted a test on business encryption,” said Andreas Clementi, CEO at AV-Comparatives. ““We were impressed with the capabilities of ESET’s DESlock Encryption and suggest it is an ideal solution for SMBs and SMEs looking for an effective, user-friendly encryption solution.””AV- Comparatives Review – Highlights

·         ESET’s encryption solution DESlock+ Pro provides a full range of encryption options, covering full disk, file/folder and removable media encryption, enabling management from a central console

·         The product is well suited to small businesses as well as larger enterprises – the flexible technical requirements of the management console mean that it can run equally well on a Windows client OS in a workgroup as it will on a Windows Server computer in an Active Directory domain

·         The management server can be set up using a single installation wizard, which automatically installs any additional software components required (e.g. SQL Server)

·         Administrator can easily assign users to encrypted data by means of assigning encryption keys to user groups

·         Intuitive client software makes it simple for users to encrypt files, folders, and removable devices on their own PCs

·         Documentation for both the encryption software and the management console is comprehensive, clearly laid out, well-illustrated and easy to navigate

Data security remains at the forefront of the issues that businesses of all sizes will have to increasingly prioritize in the coming years in order to remain competitive and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.DESlock’s encryption software helps protect organizations and individuals against data breaches while allowing secure collaboration across complex workgroups and teams. In July 2015, DESlock was acquired by ESET following a two-year technology partnership between the companies. To get a quality overview of the General Data Protection Regulation problematic, refer to ESET’s dedicated website To learn more about DESlock+ Pro please visit To read the whole report, please visit ESET

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