Turning away uninvited guests: It’s time for consumers to shut the door on the latest cyber-threats

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In an earlier blog post we highlighted the percentage of organisations that feel threatened by the prospect of cyber-threats and malicious digital attacks on their systems. While businesses are right to worry – given the potential damage to profits and reputation cybercrime can cause – consumers are also a prime target for cyber-criminals and they need to feel protected too. Their main worries include loss of privacy, data breach and misuse of identity.

Consumers under attack

While many consumers may feel that the seemingly innocuous data stored on their computers, laptops and smartphones may not be of that much interest to cybercriminals, this is not the case. Every year, incidents of identity theft and cyber crime on individuals continue to rise as we become increasingly reliant on technology in our digital-first lives. And with ransomware, malware attacks and cyber-threats becoming increasingly sophisticated and harmful, it is vital that consumers take appropriate steps to protect themselves with the highest levels of internet security.

With this in mind, we have now enhanced our own range of ESET consumer products for everyday use and to guard against the ever-broadening range of cyber-threats.

The new features to the ESET cybersecurity line up will essentially ‘keep the door firmly closed’ to digital threats, turning away any unwanted guests with malicious intent. The advanced suite of products merges low impact on system resources and renowned high performance with the best mix of detection, speed and usability to put the needs of the user at its heart.

A more sophisticated solution

Built using three decades of progress in IT security, the flagship products add new features to already rich multi-layered security to create even stronger products.

One layer includes a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Scanner - a feature that proactively checks if malware is present in the software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. UEFI, a successor of BIOS, contains a number of advanced features, in comparison with its predecessor. By residing in the UEFI, the malware gains full control of the infected device and becomes very persistent by being able to survive even a reinstallation of operating system. The protective feature by ESET is able to discover and mitigate such attacks and allows users to benefit from the trademark detection and speed ESET products offer.

The fresh suite also acknowledges the ongoing trend of Internet of Things with an updated Connected Home Monitor feature, which now includes improved scanning for user’s smart devices. This ensures that consumers can be safe in the knowledge that their valuable data is protected no matter where they are, or what smart device they connect to the network.

Furthermore, the enhancements we’ve made do not impact device performance. In today’s fast-paced world, where speed is everything and security should not slow anyone down. We have made sure that our products have minimum impact on computer speed, while still maintaining effective proactive protection.

Want to find out more?

For customers purchasing a full license, ESET automatically provides technical assistance, in the relevant local language, with the removal of malware that is not automatically cleaned by our product but requires manual intervention by the user. There is no charge for customers upgrading to the latest software – all valid ESET licence holders can simply download the latest products.

To learn more about the latest product offering, please visit www.eset.com.