ESET interviews the guys behind 'Watch Dogs'

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Everyone knows that computer hacking depicted in movies or games rarely reflects reality. You don’t need a degree in computer science to know that hackers don't really install pop-ups saying “Uploading virus: 97% complete”. But with Watch Dogs, the new videogame from Ubisoft, on-screen cybercrime is suddenly a lot truer to life.
ESET, the global leader in proactive digital protection, is big fan of gaming. We organize numerous tournaments, including the ESET Masters in Germany and the United Kingdom. And ESET knows how real this game is! ESET’s security news channel has interviewed the developers at Ubisoft to explore the best of the game.

“In most games, security cameras are a threat. In Watch Dogs, they are the player’s tools. Because Aiden [the main protagonist in the game] has direct access to CTOS [the game world's surveillance system], he can use most cameras freely without any threat of being spotted. He is simply erasing the recorded data as fast as it is being captured by the CTOS surveillance system,” says Lead Game Designer Danny Belanger.

Controlling an entire city's infrastructure using a phone is still – for now – within the realms of science fiction, but both the developers of Watch Dogs and reporter Rob Waugh say that some of the tricks used by Aiden are uncomfortably close to reality.

“Nowadays, without additional security for your devices, there is a chance that your credentials, or any other sensitive data, can be compromised. Even something as simple as logging into public Wi-Fi to chat on social media, or using the same password for multiple accounts, can create conditions for potential attack,”
says ESET’s Security Evangelist, Peter Stancik.

In the real world, ESET security products provide layers of protection − for mobile devices, Windows PCs and Macs. These include ESET Mobile Security for Android, which also boasts an Anti-Theft feature, ESET Smart Security with Exploit Blocker and Vulnerability Shield, and ESET Cyber Security with Anti-Phishing protection.