ESET launches ESET Cloud Office Security to provide advanced protection for Microsoft 365

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ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has today launched ESET Cloud Office Security, a new standalone software as a service solution that provides advanced preventative protection for users of Microsoft 365 applications. The software is designed to reflect the modern role of emails and collaboration tools used within organizations.

Microsoft Office 365 is used by organizations all over the globe, with the cloud becoming an integral part of many businesses’ data storage and systems, regardless of their size. With more than 84% of organizations (according to Gartner survey*) using or intending to use Microsoft 365, it is crucial that businesses and their cloud tools are adequately protected. Businesses that leverage ESET Cloud Office Security are protected against incidents caused by email-based attacks or malware and can help employees stay focused on work tasks.

Email is the foundation of modern business communication, yet it remains one of the most effective channels to distribute malware, the consequences of which can be disastrous, especially in combination with the infiltration of collaboration tools. ESET Cloud Office Security provides an additional layer of protection for Microsoft 365 cloud email and storage, ensuring peace of mind for all team members with the automatic protection of new user mailboxes. The solution allows for total control and visibility over threats, with immediate notification when the detection of malware occurs and an easy-to-use web console that allows IT administrators to take immediate action.

* Implementing Microsoft Office 365: Gartner Survey Results and Analysis, 2019, Published: 4 September 2019

The combination of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning and anti-phishing secures companies’ Exchange Online services, which in turn protects communications against malware, minimizes the adverse effects of unsolicited emails on everyday productivity and helps prevent incoming external emails from being used as a channel for targeted attacks. ESET Cloud Office Security anti-malware protection also reacts to any file changes in OneDrive, helping to safeguard your company’s data and mitigating the risk of malware spreading to other devices. Accessible from anywhere, the easy-to-use cloud console also gives an overview of quarantined items and immediately provides notifications when detections occur.

Ján Brunovský, Product Manager at ESET, commented: “Almost every business across the world relies on emails for communication, and yet it is one of the main attack vectors cyber criminals exploit. We are excited to launch ESET Cloud Office Security and to provide a solution that will protect countless businesses and their most valuable interactions and data. Securing email and cloud storage is the linchpin of cybersecurity for businesses, and without a strong foundation of anti-malware protection, organizations are left wide open to attack. We are proud to provide a new, cutting-edge, easy-to-use solution for the broad spectrum of businesses that need to secure their cloud tools.”

For more information about ESET Cloud Office Security click here.