How Is 2019 Going to Shape Up?

ESET experts offer their reflections in ‘Cybersecurity Trends 2019’ on themes that are set to figure prominently in the upcoming year

With cyber attacks, data leaks and privacy missteps becoming increasingly pervasive and damaging, more eyes than ever will be on ensuring the safety of our computer assets.

This ultimately boils down to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems and data as the three principal properties and objectives of information security practices.

With that in mind, if there is one thread that runs through our collection of reflections and weaves a common narrative, it’s a focus on data protection and privacy.

"Cybersecurity Trends 2019: Privacy and intrusion in the global village" details the predictions of our top experts, revealing the cybersecurity trends set to impact businesses in 2019.

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