What’s new in the latest version of ESET’s home Windows offering?

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Each year, around autumn, ESET releases a new version of its Windows offering for home customers. This year sees the arrival of the fourteenth version of the home Windows lineup, with a long list of new and improved features for users. With cyberattacks surging massively over the past few months, this update meets users’ need for comprehensive online security in times of uncertainty and increased threats.

Included in the updates are ESET Internet Security, an advanced security solution that brings rock-solid protection for modern web users; ESET NOD32 Antivirus, a fast and light solution that is perfect for gamers and everyday users who don’t want any interruptions; and ESET Smart Security Premium, a comprehensive product built without compromise for users who want it all, including extra data encryption and easy password management. With the aim of creating a safer digital world for everyone to enjoy, version 14 adds a series of new features to these products, along with improvements in malware detection, online banking and password security.

A crucial upgrade was made in the Advanced Machine Learning module, which now has better detection while retaining a tiny footprint. The improvements in the data selection and algorithm components will lead to increased detection of threats, including those transmitted via email. Synchronous Advanced Machine Learning in the Cloud, which runs more heavyweight detection models on cloud platforms, also brings considerable improvements for the detection of new malware.

Similarly, ESET is continually working to improve behavioral detection, with a focus on extending protection across system components that are typically abused by malware. To this end, the Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System, which utilizes advanced behavioral analysis to protect your system from malware and unwanted activity, has also been bolstered with further detection methods. This includes improved detection of ransomware and other malware using suspicious encryption and decryption API calls.

The update also provides users with new protection in the form of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and System Registry Scanner, which are capable of detecting malicious uses of the WMI and the system registry.

Finally, version 14 also brings changes to Banking & Payment Protection, including a “secured browser” mode through which you can safely pay online. This mode gives users the option to run any supported browser in secured mode by default; after it has been set up, the browser will always start in secured mode. The improved Banking & Payment Protection automatically protects users when banking online and when accessing web-based cryptocurrency wallets. The update encrypts the communication of your keyboard and mouse for safer transactions in your browser, and notifies you when Remote Desktop Protocol is on – a possible sign that malware is spying on you.

For more information about the full list of features included in ESET’s home Windows offering, please see here.