Liongard announces launch of its own Licensing Inspector for ESET MSP Administrator 2

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Bratislava, January 15, 2021 — Managed services provider (MSP) automation platform Liongard announced today the launch of its new Licensing Inspector for ESET, an industry-leading IT security software and services company that provides endpoint and mobile security, as well as encryption and two-factor authentication.

Liongard’s Licensing Inspector for ESET has the capability to examine the latest ESET MSP Administrator 2 Portal, which contains licensing and usage information across all of an MSP’s tenants. With this visibility into endpoint security, MSPs using Liongard can track ESET licensing portal admins, licensing usage and status, and license history, plus get alerts on expirations and license status. MSP account managers can see an overview of all of their customers’ ESET licenses without logging in to multiple systems—it’s all visible in Liongard’s user-friendly platform.

“With endpoint security at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, this new partnership with ESET will help MSPs manage their clients’ licensing information more effectively and proactively,” said Matt Miller, Director of Product Management for Liongard. “With ESET’s thoroughness and Liongard’s convenience and efficiency, MSPs can better serve their end users.”

With all the pertinent information front and center in Liongard, where MSPs already manage all their other systems, teams can easily verify that the number of licenses matches the number of users or workstations, reducing potential threats. The inspector also helps MSP billing managers audit ESET license counts to ensure customers are billed correctly. By avoiding overspending on unused licenses, MSPs can then re-evaluate their ESET package license type for potentially more savings.

“At ESET, we’re always seeking partnerships that will get our customers what they ultimately want—peace of mind to use their technology to its fullest, without having to worry about the threat of interruption,” said Miroslav Mikuš, Chief Sales Officer at ESET “We’re excited to be working with Liongard to make this happen.”


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