The 6 vital steps to deterring cybercrime, compiled by ESET

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, has compiled and published a summary of today’s six most important steps to deterring cybercrime on, focusing on how to make cybercrime less appealing to perpetrators.
ESET’s security expert Stephen Cobb has compiled a list of the six most important steps to consider in his recently published examination, Cybercrime deterrence: 6 important steps. 
Here is a high-level view of Stephen’s arguments: 

  • Apply international pressure: a country that turns a blind eye to cybercrime should be sanctioned by the international community;
  • Adjust national priorities: additional resources must be committed to identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting cyber criminals
  • Catch perpetrators faster: a range of measures available to further deter criminals includes increasing sentences for those convicted, increasing the probability of being convicted, and increasing the speed with which criminal acts are punished.
  • Teach cyber ethics: adding cyber-ethics to the elementary school curriculum will see both significant immediate as well as long term benefits.
  • Improve opportunities in developing countries: addressing the surplus of those with cyber skills outweighing the number of available jobs focused on cybercrime deterrence. 
  • Measure the problem: Consistent efforts to objectively measure the problem of cybercrime are notable by their absence or inadequacy.

“Crime deterrence is about making crime less appealing by increasing the risk for cybercriminals, reducing the benefits, and deepening the social disdain and moral sanction that criminal activity should elicit,” says Stephen Cobb, a senior security expert at ESET. “In terms of policy and strategy, the idea is to combine crime prevention with crime deterrence results in crime reduction.”

For a more detailed analysis, please read Stephen’s article, entitled Cybercrime deterrence: 6 important steps

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