ESET APAC Consumer Survey 2018 Report

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Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Gone are the days where cybersecurity was mainly the responsibility of IT professionals. With everyday consumers relying on devices (such as personal computers, laptops and smartphones) for tasks ranging from banking, online shopping, transport and entertainment, the internet is integral to our lives.

Cyberattacks across APAC have grown far and wide. Retail, banking, aviation and even government sectors were not spared in recent incidents. Internet safety is therefore all the more important – it is not enough that consumers simply ‘know’ best cybersecurity practices, but must also take a conscious effort to implement them in their daily online interactions.

As APAC countries continue to push digital agendas and developments, consumers are spending more time on the internet, particularly through their smartphones. Indonesia has the world’s highest mobile e-commerce penetration rate, Thailand leads the way in mobile banking penetration, while ride-hailing apps are the top, internet mobile service in Singapore.

From October to December 2018 ESET surveyed consumers across the region, aiming to learn about their online behaviours and habits. 2,000 respondents from each country, consisting of Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand were surveyed. This whitepaper aims to address the differences in cyber-savviness between the countries surveyed, analysing their habits based on previous online interactions. We studied their awareness on basic cybersecurity threats, best practices and their actions online.

This report includes:

  • Internet safety practices of APAC consumers when it comes to online shopping
  • Internet safety practices of APAC consumers when it comes to internet and social media
  • Parents and their children’s internet browsing habits
  • The state of cybersecurity education within the APAC region

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