ESET Cyber Savviness Report#2

Born after 1980, millennials make up a significant portion of online users globally, and are usually seen as ultra-digital-savvy consumers who never leave their smartphones out of sight. For millennials, being online is essential, with 89% of Australian millennials accessing the internet via their smartphones more often than ever before.

On the other hand, born between 1945 and 1961, baby-boomers make up an increasing part of the online community. They may not always be as agile with new technology, or as aware of the latest trends, but 70% of them view technology as an important part of their lives.

This whitepaper outlines the findings of a recent survey conducted by ESET of 1,305 ANZ online users, and reveals how different generations understand and apply cybersecurity best practices. While younger generations are digital-savvy, the findings show this does not always equate to following cybersecurity best practices. Meanwhile, among older generations, it tends to be the opposite, as they demonstrate a better understanding and willingness to conduct safe online practices.

Included in this report is:

• Analysis of different generations’ online behaviour

• Analysis of different generations’ awareness and understanding of cybersecurity best practices

• What cybersecurity concerns younger and older generations have for the future

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