ESET Firewall

Block potentially malicious traffic with ESET personal firewall

What is Firewall?

A firewall blocks or allows network data traffic. The determination to block or allow is based on a set of rules. Its function is to protect private networks or computers against intrusion from potentially dangerous outside networks or computers.

A network firewall blocks or allows traffic between a private network and a public network (in nearly all cases, the internet). A firewall that protects a single computer is called a host-based firewall, software firewall or personal firewall.

Why you need a personal firewall

The firewall built into most routers blocks a lot of malware, but often malware is disguised as "safe" content. A personal firewall is an excellent second line of defense against attacks and attempts to take over your computer.

Personal firewalls are designed for most computer users—not networking professionals—and can be easily configured and tuned to do what you want. The ESET personal firewall, for instance, configures itself automatically.

A personal firewall can allow or deny traffic to and from specific applications. For example, if malicious software is able to access your computer, a personal firewall can block it from infecting other computers on your network.

How the ESET firewall works

Checks all data

The firewall checks any inbound or outbound data packets as well as the sending or receiving application to see if they match any of the firewall's rules.

Blocks or allows

Based the rules, the firewall either passes the data packet through or blocks it. Depending on the settings, it can then issue an alert window or record the action in a log file.

Botnet protection

Protects against infiltration by botnet malware and prevents spam and network attacks launched from the endpoint machine.

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