ESET Leaders

Miroslav Trnka
Co-founder/Member of the Board, ESET

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Maroš Grund
Senior Research Fellow/Member of the Board, ESET

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Richard Marko
Chief Executive Officer/Member of the Board, ESET

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Peter Paško
Co-founder/Chairman of the Board, ESET

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ESET Leaders

Anton Zajac
President of ESET 
North America, ESET

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Jeronimo Varela
Director of Global Sales,

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Milan Masaryk
Chief Financial Officer, 

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Ignacio Sbampato
Chief Business Officer,

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ESET Leaders

Palo Luka
Chief Operating Officer,

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Juraj Malcho
Chief Technology Officer,

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Vladimír Paulen
Chief Information Officer,

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Miroslav Mikuš
EMEA Sales & Marketing Director, ESET

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ESET Offices - Bratislava

ESET headquarters are based in Aupark Tower, Einsteinova 24, Bratislava, Slovakia 
next to iconic SNP Bridge close to the city center.

ESET Offices - Singapore

ESET regional office for Asia-Pacific is located in 3 Anson Road, #12-01/02 Springleaf Tower, 079909, Singapore, the second freest economy in the world.

ESET Offices - Buenos Aires

ESET regional office for Latin America is located in Juan Díaz de Solis 1270, 1638 Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina near the shore of Rio d La Plata.

ESET Offices - San Diego

ESET regional office for North America and Canada is located in 610 West Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101, U.S.A with a view to iconic North San Diego Bay.

ESET History

Historical photos

Back in 1987 two young programming enthusiasts Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka discovered one of the first computer viruses in the world. They dubbed it “Vienna” and wrote a program for its detection. Many other virus discoveries quickly followed, which sparked the idea to devise a universal software solution to counter these relatively unknown computer threats. That’s why Peter Paško together with Miroslav Trnka co-programmed the first NOD. Because private entrepreneurship during communism was banned, it was only in 1992 when Miroslav and Peter, together with their friend Rudolf Hrubý, established ESET as a privately owned limited liability company.

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Historical designs

After ESET was formally established in 1992, the company’s logo and retail box design evolved through the years. Initially the focus was on ESET pill-shaped logo as a symbol of curing computes, in 2007 the figure of the ESET Android has come in the limelight.

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ESET Partners

ESET is present in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. What do our partners think about Enjoying Safer Technology?

Enjoy Safer Technology - ESET insiders

Our goal is to let you Enjoy Safer Technology.

Enjoy Safer Technology - Richard Marko

"ESET's mission is to build a more secure digital world in which everyone can enjoy safer technology,"
says Richard Marko, CEO.

ESET: Individual stories

A look behind the scenes of ESET’s campaign highlighting how the internet has affected individual people’s lives.

Enjoy the Internet protected by ESET

Find out how people from all over the world enjoy the Internet.



ESET Logos

The ESET logo is a registered trademark of ESET. Any of its usage has to follow the ESET design manual guidelines and is subject to prior approval by ESET. Each usage of the ESET logo has to be duly documented and subject to approval by ESET.

ESET logos - turquoise
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ESET logos - white
ZIP contains: logo without text, horizontal 1line, horizontal 2lines, vertical 2lines. Formats PNG & EPS.

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ESET logos - black
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