United States Patent and Trademark Office approves landmark patent for ESET’s innovative DESlock Encryption System

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New ruling secures ESET’s strongest U.S. patent to date, protecting the unique method for deploying and managing encryption keys and policy


ESET, a global industry leader in IT security software, is proud to announce that the company has been granted a landmark patent for DESlock’s innovative data encryption system, which works under the hood of DESlock Encryption by ESET, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The patent – US 9,612,813 – protects the innovative and unique method of deploying and managing encryption policy, keys and endpoint software via a cloud infrastructure.  The system makes it easy for businesses of all sizes, including those with limited IT resources to manage their endpoint encryption via the cloud.  All encryption keys, recovery passwords and other security assets remain on premise, yet uniquely, no incoming connections are used at the client or server ends and no VPN connection is required.  The technology remains true to it’s design goals of a sub 30-minute install and setup, no network changes or specialist knowledge requirement, and a fully-encrypted, ‘secure-if-hacked’ cloud component .

The DESlock Encryption technology platform gives customers the benefits of quick setup and flexibility of Cloud management while simultaneously decreasing risks with security assets that are located directly on the customer’s premises. By securing this key patent, the USPTO has recognized the DESlock system as genuinely innovative and unique.

“This is our killer feature, and protecting its design in the biggest market is a real win for ESET and ESET’s partners,” said David Tomlinson, the Manager of the Encryption Business Unit at ESET. “This patent ensures that not only can our partners sell DESlock Encryption as a unique platform, but do so with the complete confidence that competitors are unable to legally offer the same benefits.”

Today, data protection and privacy are among the top concerns for consumers and business organizations of all sizes. ESET has set itself apart from competitors with DESlock’s cutting-edge encryption solutions, which no other product can match for flexibility and ease of use. 

For ESET’s customers, the patent solidifies DESlock Encryption as a superior encryption system by ensuring those who switch to a competitor will lose the same level of control and monitoring of the encryption solutions installed on their remote or off-network endpoints. 

At the same time, this patent means that existing customers who use this system can be assured that ESET continues to view DESlock Encryption as a valuable and long-term technology.

ESET’s success in securing a US patent for DESlock’s leading-edge encryption system supports the company’s goal to make sure consumers and businesses feel safe to make the most of the digital world.  


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