Advanced ransomware & business data protection


Advanced protection against ransomware with data protection

  • Cloud-based Management
  • Endpoint Protection Platform
  • Cloud Sandbox Analysis
  • Full Disk Encryption

Why COVID-19 is a threat to the health of your business

ESET researchers talk about the latest cyber threats related to COVID-19 and offer advice on how to protect your organization from scams, ransomware and targeted attacks using sophisticated tools such as threat detection or MFA.

What's included in the bundled solution:

ESET’s endpoint protection solutions leverage multilayered technologies in dynamic equilibrium to constantly balance performance, detection and false positives.

Provides advanced protection to all network file storage, general servers and multi-purpose servers. Ensures servers are stable and conflict-free. Limits restarts and maintenance windows to a minimum to guarantee business continuity.

Cloud-based Sandbox Analysis

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is a cloud-based sandboxing solution. It evaluates behavior of all submitted samples with threat intelligence feeds, ESET’s multiple internal tools for static and dynamic analysis and reputation data to detect zero-day threats.

Full disk encryption

ESET Full Disk Encryption provides powerful encryption managed natively by ESET remote management consoles, and increases your organization’s data security to meet compliance regulations.


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System requirements and license information

Supported operating systems

For computers

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
  • macOS 10.9 and later
  • Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS 64-bit and RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Desktop 7 64-bit

For smartphones and tablets

  • Android 5 (Lollipop) and later
  • iOS 8 and later

For file servers

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016, 2012, 2008
  • Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, 2011, 2010
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011, 2008
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 64-bit
  • CentOS 7 64-bit
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS 64-bit, 18.04 LTS 64-bit
  • Debian 9 64-bit
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 64-bit, 15 64-bit

For virtual environments

  • VMware vSphere 6.0, 6.5+, 6.7+ (vCenter Single Sign-On, vSphere Client/Web Client, vCenter Server, vCenter Inventory Service)
  • VMware NSX Manager 6.3+, 6.4.0, 6.4.1, 6.4.2
  • VMware Guest Introspection 6.2.4+, 6.3+, 6.4+

Flexible license

Mix and match your licenses as needed
ESET Unilicense covers all the bases, allowing you to mix and match endpoint protection without wasting a single license.

Add additional devices at any time
You can purchase licenses for additional computers, laptops, mobile devices and servers any time.

Transfer a license to another computer
You can transfer a valid ESET license to a completely new computer from the original one. In addition, you can switch from one OS to another.

Switch to a different platform at any time
It's easy to switch your protection from one platform to another any time during the license term, without having to purchase additional licenses.

ESET included as Enterprise Architecture EDR solution in Forrester's Now Tech: EDR, Q1 2020.
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ESET named a Top Player in Radicati Advanced Persistent Threat Protection – Market Quadrant 2020.
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Get inspired by our case studies

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As a major force in the pharmaceutical sector, Kohlpharma demanded best-in-class information security.

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Learn how Stern-Wywiol Gruppe specializing in food supplements tackled the need to safely engage external workers.

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Strengthen your security now, pay later

Multi-factor Authentication

Improve the security of the company network and data accessed from outside thanks to an additional authentication. Protect open-source VPNs and block unauthorized access to employee devices with our easy-to-implement MFA.

Dynamic Threat Defense

Add another vital security layer to your Endpoint Protection and Mail Security. Improve prevention from ransomware and targeted attacks with powerful cloud-based sandboxing to detect new, never before seen threats. No deployment resources necessary.

Special tailored solutions

Contact us for specific needs related to the current crisis. We support healthcare institutions, government organizations and other selected customers by offering extended trials, free additional licenses, free ETI feeds and other solutions.

"ESET will continue to provide you with the best possible online security during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET