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Digital sovereignty is only possible with strong IT security

June 2022

Digital sovereignty is only possible with strong IT security

Nation State autonomy is a prerequisite for the economy, healthcare, and our society to be able to act and exist. While it sounds simple, it is by no means self-evident present day. Above all, repeated failures in the area of IT security ensure that the much-invoked theme of digital sovereignty falls into question. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have known that Europe is in anything but good shape when it comes to digital sovereignty. Inadequate or even completely absent digitalization strategies revealed an enormous need for action early on in the pandemic.

It quickly became apparent that companies, institutions, and public authorities had become too dependent on digital imports from non-European countries instead of relying on their own expertise. It has long been clear that digital sovereignty is not feasible without strong IT security. Explore the position paper and find out why the adoption of best practices and compliance with the current sovereignty standards is a step in the right direction.

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