ESET Whitepaper - Android Banking Malware

Sophisticated Trojans vs. Fake Banking Apps

In this white paper, we have identified the two main categories of banking malware currently preying on Android users.

With our lives increasingly going mobile, fake banking apps are easier to create and confronted with fewer obstacles in their operation as they typically do not go beyond code obfuscation.

On the other hand, sophisticated banking Trojans have a potentially wider target group and reach than fake banking apps - often characterized by extensive capabilities and stealthy operation.

While we can only speculate what type of malware will dominate the Android threat landscape in the coming years, it is beyond doubt that mobile devices will continue to be an attractive target for cybercriminals – which makes taking extra measures for keeping them safe worthwhile, if not necessary.

Having identified the tactics of both categories, we will provide advice for users on how to stay safe from Android banking malware.

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