February Threats: Scam HTML/Fraud.BG in Top Five

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HTML/ScrInject.B continues its rule in the monthly malware statistics compiled by ESET research team. This generic detection denotes HTML web pages containing an obfuscated script or iframe tag that automatically redirects the user to the malware download and has recorded 3.93% infection rate globally (5.36% in Europe). Every month ESET compiles malware statistics based on its Live Grid® - a cloud-based malware collection system utilizing data from users of ESET solutions worldwide.
The number two threat was INF/Autorun with 3.77% rate of infection (3.23% in Europe). INF/Autorun represents
a variety of malware using the file autorun.inf as a way of compromising a PC. This file contains information
on programs meant to run automatically when removable media (often USB flash drives) are accessed
by a Windows PC user. In third place globally was HTML/Iframe.B with 3.38% infection rate worldwide – denoting a generic detection of malicious IFRAME tags embedded in HTML pages, which redirect the browser to a specific URL location with malicious software (3.17% infection rate in Europe).
There was a newcomer in the malware world’s top ten: HTML/Fraud.BG with 1.64% infection rate globally
(0.84% in Europe) ranks in 5th position overall. Malware variants in the HTML/Fraud category – as the name suggests – are detections of fradulent websites  or scams.

“Specifically HTML/Fraud.BG offers you a chance to win something. ‘iSomething’ products are especially popular with these types of criminals after the user fills in a survey and registration,”

says ESET malware researcher Robert Lipovsky.
“Of course, in effect the victim will not be getting a new iToy. Give them  your personal information for further abuse or sale and you can  expect premium-rate SMS messages sent to your  phone number. HTML/Fraud.BG also uses classic e-mail spam as a distribution vector,”
he adds.
Global Threats According to ESET Live Grid® Statistics (February 2012)
Global Threats According to ESET Live Grid® Statistics (February 2012)Threats in Europe According to ESET Live Grid® Statistics (February 2012)Threats in Europe According to ESET Live Grid® Statistics (February 2012)

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Live Grid® is ESET’s cloud-based malware collection system utilizing data from users of ESET solutions worldwide.  This continual streaming of information provides ESET Malware Lab specialists with  real-time accurate snapshot of the nature and scope of global infiltrations. Careful analysis of the threats, attack vectors and patterns serves ESET to fine-tune all heuristic and signature updates – to protect its users against tomorrow’s threats.

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