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Proactive digital security,
bespoke solutions

If you are a large company or public agency seeking a digital security solution that matches your unique commercial and technical needs, ESET is your choice. Leveraging over 30 years of cybersecurity experience and global threat intelligence, we provide robust digital security solutions made in the EU, combining our standard products with proprietary core technologies and expert personnel.

Rooted in our time-proven, prevention-first approach and the combined power of AI and human expertise, our best-in-class multilayered security technology secures more than 1 billion users worldwide. Our unique position and expert capabilities are key to advancing your cyber resilience beyond standard compliance needs.

Customized solutions and
comprehensive services building blocks.

Private and air-gapped
cybersecurity solutions

With our cutting-edge technology built for autonomous operation, ESET's private solutions protect your valuable data and information from external threats in restricted environments. They are adaptable, supporting various levels of isolation, up to and including fully air-gapped and on-premise environments.

Typical clients: Critical infrastructure, governmental and military organizations, defense and law enforcement organizations, off-line or narrow bandwidth industries and operations.

Our partnerships with major service providers such as telcos, banks, insurance companies, and utility providers create new revenue streams for them, increase customer loyalty, and reduce churn. We do this by extending the end customer value proposition, leveraging integrated solutions using ESET technologies to secure customers' homes or businesses seamlessly.

Typical clients: Telecommunication providers, banking and financial institutions, insurance companies, energy sector or utility companies, IT managed services.

B2B2X digital
Security Solutions

ESET Scanning
Solutions and Services

By leveraging our proprietary research, telemetry, and a range of technologies for detecting malicious files, ESET provides specialized solutions for complex and high-volume scanning and sandboxing. We offer diverse business models including scanning as a service and air-gapped or SDK scanners.

Typical clients: Technology and software companies, banking and financial institutions, public institutions, e-commerce, digital platform providers, mobile app development, and web hosting providers.

The embedding of ESET's core technologies and know-how into third-party-controlled environments or infrastructure enables the delivery of a full range of cybersecurity capabilities. Designed for specific purposes, the embedded solutions can fully align with and support long product lifecycles or a limited set of features of your products or services.

Typical clients: Manufacturers of electronics (Smart TVs, smart appliances, etc.), manufacturers in the automotive industry, supply chain and logistics companies, energy and utility companies (smart meters), manufacturers of medical devices, manufacturers of ATMs/kiosks.

Embedded cybersecurity solutions

Professional Services

Building on our proprietary research and time-tested expertise, ESET’s strategic advisory and risk assessment services shape future-proof digital security solutions. These help customers position themselves ahead in the dynamic world of cyber threats and increase cybersecurity maturity and resilience.

Typical clients: PE holding groups or multinational corporations implementing shared/managed Cybersecurity centers, service providers including telcos, banking, utilities developing B2B2X propositions, critical infrastructure and public institutions responsible for national level security, system integrators.

Complementing ESET’s standard products and services, our Corporate Solutions teams design complex solutions that integrate third-party components beyond ESET’s technology. These solutions support infrastructure build-up and provide detection and response services around the clock and around the globe.

Typical clients: IT and OT system integrators; service providers in telco, financial or utility sectors (partnering through B2B2X business models); manufacturing; managed IT/security service providers; public institutions; healthcare industry.


Operational Technology (OT)
Cybersecurity Solutions

Combining ESET’s cybersecurity expertise with the engineering experience of OT partners, we design, build, and operate solutions and managed services. In this way, we seamlessly integrate the IT and OT worlds, enhance the visibility of end-of-life assets, and accommodate limited maintenance windows and other OT-specific requirements.

Typical clients: OT components manufacturers, control system providers and integrators, the energy sector, the automotive sector including electromobility cluster companies, the health sector, transportation and logistics.

With ESET's deep-rooted expertise, innovative research, and seasoned corporate experience, we can craft bespoke commercial solutions that align perfectly with your technical and business needs, ensuring digital safety without commercial compromises.

Typical clients: Government and military organizations (including EU bodies), the automotive sector, payment processors, threat intelligence and AI providers, and universities.

Bespoke Commercial

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