New sick Facebook scam exploits Robin Williams’ suicide

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, is issuing a warning about a widespread Facebook scam, this time exploiting the tragic suicide of comic actor Robin Williams.
The scam, which has spread widely on Facebook, claims to show a “goodbye” video made by Robin Williams before he committed suicide last week. However, when Facebook users click on the link they are told to share it with their online friends and complete a survey before they can watch the promised video. Each completed survey earns the scammers a small amount of money.
How the Robin Williams Facebook scam works: The first thing you see is a post shared by one of your Facebook contacts, entitled, “ROBIN WILLIAMS SAYS GOODBYE WITH HIS PHONE VIDEO BEFORE SUICIDE”. Here is an example of how it might look in your Facebook newsfeed: /><p><strong>EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:</strong> ROBIN WILLIAMS SAYS GOODBYE WITH HIS CELL PHONE BEFORE HANGING HIMSELF WITH A BELT AND CUTTING HIMSELF WITH A POCKET KNIFE. HE CAN STILL MAKE EVERYONE LAUGH WITH THIS VIDEO BUT IT WILL MAKE EVERYONE CRY A RIVER AT THE END.</p><br />Instead of being shown the video, you are presented with a survey, from which the scammers behind this Facebook scam are making money. <h3><em><br />“The point of the scam is that each time someone fills in the survey, they are paid an unknown sum,” <span>said, Peter Stancik, security evangelist at ESET.</span> “This is not the first time that a celebrity death is used as click bait on Facebook. The more victims that complete the survey, the more money the scammers make. And, in case you were wondering: no video is shown after completing this Robin Williams Facebook scam.”</em></h3></p>