INF/Autorun is the most often detected threat worldwide

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The ranking of global threats is led by INF/Autorun with an overall share of 5.75%, followed by Win32/Conficker worm. The latter has registered an increase of nearly 5 percent month-to-month. Moreover, ESET’s automatic malware collection system has registered an increase of the file infector Win32/Sality (2.19%).

For the first time, JS/Exploit has appeared in the global malware ranking with an overall share of 0.99%. “JS/Exploit” is a label used for a JavaScript exploiting trojan attacking the specific CVE-2010-0806 vulnerability. Typically, this malware spreads as part of another infiltration and once successful, it allows a remote execution of code in the infected system.

Global threats based on ESET ThreatSense.Net® (November 2010)