ESET on Matousec´s 8.0 Earthquake

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Following a few media requests on the article about Khobe 8.0 Earthquake vulnerability, ESET would like to assure its customers that they don’t need to be worried about their security. The vulnerability potentially targets only the self-defense mechanism in EAV and ESS version 4 and above, with no effect on the standard functionality of the scanner.

Under certain circumstances the self-defense protection could be bypassed, thus allowing otherwise blocked malicious software (malware) to perform some activities. However, in order for a full-fledged attack to be carried out, the machine needs to have been previously compromised (infected).

The overall danger remains low. Despite the fact that this attack scenario has been known about for more than 6 years (arguably even more than 10), to date it hasn’t materialized in the wild.

The ESET development team is currently closely analyzing this vulnerability and looking into possible solutions, should these types of attacks become pursued by malware writers.

Even though there is no imminent danger to the public, ESET would like to advise its customers to update their security suites or antivirus solutions regularly and stay vigilant while online.

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