ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC already in the Release Candidate version

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ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC successfully passed the beta testing period and is now in the so-called release candidate version, i.e. almost final version. Today marks the beginning of intensive public testing prior to market launch.

The Release Candidate version will be in public testing at least for the default 4 weeks period. Consequently, the full official version will not change in terms of functionality.

ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC Release Candidate is available for download here.

Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) is a technology that helps ensure a clean and secure network environment and, in connection with Cisco devices (switches, routers), helps increase the security level within the company network. The NAC system enables or blocks access to critical network resources based on the detected client security status, increasing overall network security.

A computer running an antivirus program with an outdated virus signature database can pose a serious security risk. The antivirus program may fail to detect the most recent malware threats in the network, resulting in infected client computers. Costs for malware intrusion prevention and implementation of NAC are considerably lower than the substantial costs incurred by repairing the damage caused by malware activities in the network. In this way, Cisco NAC helps secure client workstations even at network hardware level.

Cisco NAC cooperates with ESET endpoint products that submit security status reports (e.g., virus signature database version) from client workstations directly to the NAC server before they are allowed to connect to the company network.