October’s Global Threat Mainstays: INF/Autorun and Win32/Conficker

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Based on statistics compiled by ESET ThreatSense.Net for the month of October, INF/Autorun is the most-frequently occurring threat with a global share of 6.22%. Placing second on ESET malware list is Win32/Conficker (4,32%), followed by third Win32/PSW.OnLineGames (2.62%) – a mix of trojans devised to steal online game data.

Win32/Sality has, for the first time appeared in the top five, with a global share of 1.90%. Another newcomer to ESET’s ranking is a worm type of threat classified by ESET as Win32/Bfient.K. The worm contains a backdoor that uses exchangeable media, like USB, CE to propagate. The global share of this malware for the month of October hovers slightly over 1 percent.

Global Threats According to ESET ThreatSense.Net® (October 2010)

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INF/Autorun remains the dominant threat in the EMEA region, copying the global trend. This mixture of trojans exploiting the autorun.inf of the Windows operating system has registered the highest shares in the following countries: Austria (4.14%), Belgium (3.20%), Egypt (8.69%), Germany (1,80%), Greece (5.12%), Israel (5.88%), Ireland (3.03%), Norway (1.78%), Slovakia (4.33%), Russia (6.17%), and South Africa (10.69%).

Win32/Conficker was tabulated as the most often detected threat for the month of October in Denmark (2.16%) and Romania (7.51%).

HTML/Fraud led the malware charts in Great Britain with a share of 2.67%. ESET uses this label to describe a trojan family hiding in infected HTML websites and exploiting the web-browser vulnerability of IE and Firefox. This type of threat is typically spread using sites with porn content, freeware, as well as via SPAM containing multi-media attachments. In Ireland, this threat is the second most prevalent, accounting for 2.85% of the malware total.

HTML/Fraud has also placed in top 10 in the following countries: Slovakia (1.19%), Czech Republic, (1.29%), Croatia (1.84%), Austria (1.34%), Denmark (1.06%), the Netherlands (1.39%), Switzerland (1.41%), and Norway (1.29%). This type of threat has reached lower scores in other countries, namely: Germany (0.96%), Hungary (0.31%), Poland (0.44%), Estonia (0.42%), Bulgaria (0.41%), and Spain (0.40%).


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