ESET releases new versions of ESET Server Security products.

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ESET launches new versions of Server Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris aimed to offer optimized protection for mail, file and gateway servers.

ESET Server Security for Linux/BSD/ Solaris protects organizations´ servers against all kinds of known and unknown threats and viruses. The unique Threat Sense technology with optimized core provides an unprecedented scanning speed and detection rate. Enhanced usability is guaranteed through compatibility with ESET Remote Administrator v.2.

The product range for Linux/BSD/Solaris servers consists of ESET Mail Security, ESET File Security and ESET Gateway Security. All products feature latest Threat Sense Technology, enhanced platform support, smaller update files and are suited for 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.

Small footprint and fast performance make ESET Server Security products optimally suited for the challenging environment of business systems.

For further information please visit our product pages listed below.