New Android malware #Simplocker uses child-abuse FBI warnings to scare victims into paying $300.00, ESET discover

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Security researchers from ESET® have uncovered a new version of Simplocker – the Android file-encrypting ransomware. This variant of Simplocker targets English speakers, presents the victim with a bogus warning from the FBI reporting that the affected computer has violated child abuse and other laws, and presents the victim with a fine of $300.00, payable in 48 hours.
This ransom is higher than in previous ransomware in the Simplocker family, which suggests that this malware family is successful at recuperating funds from victims.

“In comparison with the previous versions, this version of Simplocker encrypts a wider range of file types and is more difficult to uninstall from devices“
says ESET’s researcher Robert Lipovsky.

You can find the detailed analysis of the new variant as well as information on how to avoid these types of malware infections at
For all those whose files have been encrypted by #Simplocker, download the free app, ESET Simplocker Decryptor, to resolve the issues presented by the malware infection.