Vietnamese Internet Users Worry About Online Threats – But Many Don’t Protect Themselves

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ESET®, a global pioneer in IT security for more than two decades, today releases the ESET Vietnam Cyber-Savviness Report 2015, which reveals that users in Vietnam are vulnerable to cyber threats because they have low cyber-security awareness and are not familiar with adequate preventive measures.

“As Internet use surges in Vietnam, the country relies more and more on data, electronic communications and information technology to drive innovation and efficiency, resulting in increased exposure to cyber security risks,” said Parvinder Walia, Sales and Marketing Director, ESET Asia-Pacific.

The ESET Vietnam Cyber-Savviness Report 2015 is based on a survey commissioned by ESET and conducted in November 2015. An independent research company conducted 500 face-to-face interviews with respondents in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
According to the survey, Internet users in Vietnam worry most about protecting their devices from viruses and about the safety of sensitive information on their personal devices – 53% of respondents said they were worried about each of these threats. Other concerns include loss of data stored on the devices (35%), loss of email passwords (33%) and theft of online banking information (35%).
ESET’s survey also found that risky online behavior is widespread in Vietnam. Users commit basic mistakes like connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi (71%), setting easy-to-remember passwords (70%) and downloading files from unofficial sources (49%).
Despite engaging in risky activities, Vietnamese Internet users often don’t address their Internet security concerns, the survey revealed. Only 43% of respondents keep their software up-to-date and only 36% install firewalls and antivirus software on their devices.

“The ESET Vietnam Cyber-Savviness Report 2015 highlights that although Internet users in Vietnam know certain actions can put them at risk or make them more vulnerable when online, this doesn’t stop them from making these mistakes. The gap between knowledge and action is a worrying trend, as hackers tend to look for the path of least resistance. If users don’t take it upon themselves to ensure that they’re adequately protected, they might unwittingly become the victim of a cyber-attack,” commented ESET’s Parvinder Walia.

To download the ESET Vietnam Cyber-Savviness Report 2015, please click here.
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