ESET Smart Security 8 Emerges as Only Internet Security Product to Score 100% in Industry Test

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, has topped AV-Test’s Self-Protection for Antivirus Software test. The independent IT security testing organization focused on the ”self-defense” capabilities of solutions, and ESET Smart Security 8 was the only product to secure a perfect 100% score."

“In science fiction films, when a space ship is attacked, its deflector shields are not merely hit by accident, rather there is always an initial targeted attack on the deflector shield generator. In the real world of antivirus software, the deflector shield generator would be the kernel of the security suite – the antivirus application itself. If the deflector shield fails, then the ship – or in our case, the Windows system – is left unprotected and easy to commandeer,“ AV-Test explains in its press release. 

AV-Test experts tested 24 consumer security suites and 8 corporate security solutions in October 2014 to see whether they use open-access protection mechanisms in their source code – specifically, ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) and DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

“All ESET solutions are based on multiple layers of protection, which provide a powerful and proven ‘deflector shield‘, protecting our customers online and offline – and allowing them to explore the Internet safely or enjoy online gaming without worrying about their security,” said Eduard Kesely, ESET’s Senior Product Manager - Consumer Security.“Besides that, self-defense by our own security solution is the key to its success: without this, even a full-featured security solution would be useless.  This test outcome is the result of our long-term strategy of adding more and more layers of protection to our products without affecting their performance.“

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