ESET partners with Dutch telecommunication & IT provider KPN

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  • ESET and KPN join forces to protect their customers from unwanted, malicious, and fraudulent content

  • ESET NetProtect solutions provide network security for the whole household and IoT devices for KPN customers

BRATISLAVA, December 6, 2023 — ESET, a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity, today announces its strategic partnership with a Dutch company, KPN, the leading telecommunications and IT provider in the Netherlands. Through this collaboration, ESET introduces ESET NetProtect to KPN’s customers, a cutting-edge DNS Filtering solution designed to protect home networks, including IoT devices, against malware, phishing, and unwanted content.

KPN takes its customers' security very seriously. In 2022, 15% of the Dutch population were victims of cybercrime, out of which, 50% were online scams and financial fraud, and hacking was experienced by 20% of recipients, which is why KPN and ESET are coming together to deliver the best solution to their customers. KPN, an internet service provider, wants to protect the traffic on its network and, ultimately, protect its customers by creating a safe and secure internet environment.

ESET NetProtect functions by filtering DNS (Domain Name System) before they are accessed by devices connected to household connections via routers. For KPN’s customers, the services are effortlessly activated with a single click through the user’s trusted internet provider, ensuring automatic protection for all connected devices.

This is particularly useful nowadays since households use both smart and IoT devices that cannot be secured by traditional security software and ESET NetProtect provides the protection for an uninterrupted experience. For devices with already installed protection, ESET NetProtect works as an additional security layer to the ecosystem.  

ESET NetProtect is a formidable shield, preventing sensitive information, such as bank card details, from leaking via phishing or scam websites, leveraging DNS filtering to provide smooth and reliable protection. One of ESET NetProtect´s biggest advantages is its one-click activation. This creates a solution that is easy to use for all ages and cyber-knowledge groups, making security even more accessible. On top of that, this layer of security makes it harder for new threats (such as the use of AI in phishing, which makes malicious messages seem more believable and harder for the naked eye to recognize) to get through to the end user. This is especially important for parents who want to keep their children safe while online unsupervised. The solution also includes a monthly summary of malicious sites and thwarted cyber threats as well as Malware and Phishing Filter and Potentially Unwanted Content Protection.

Through the user-friendly management portal, end-users can easily configure ESET NetProtect settings for their connected devices, manage domain permitted and blocked lists, and generate security reports. This portal offers valuable insights into ESET's protection mechanisms. All of these solutions were developed to protect devices linked to Telco and ISP networks, shielding them from a multitude of threats.

Reliable security, that is easy to use, is a priority, supported by local customer service and comprehensive protection that stays one step ahead of online threats. This is made possible through ESET’s extraordinary database of malware detections compiled from its global network of research and development centers.

Mária Trnková, Chief Marketing Officer at ESET, shared, “People and their security are the top priority for us at ESET. New emerging technologies are undeniably becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives, however, the threat landscape is not falling behind. The threats are getting more sophisticated, which is even more important now, than ever before, to deliver easy-to-use reliable solutions, that can ensure our protection. With ESET NetProtect we have crafted such a solution and we are delighted to now protect KPN´s customers.”

Gijs Isbouts, VP of KPN Veilig: “Smart TVs, smart lamps or a smart (energy) meter,.. we are increasingly digitally connected and the number of smart devices in our homes has skyrocketed, so it feels like a mission for us to ensure that our customers really feel safe online. New times call for new solutions, and that is exactly what we are tackling here together with Eset. Our solution KPN Safe Network at Home, which we offer together with Eset, enables our customers to maintain control over their online security at home, without having to be technically skilled and the great thing is, that you enable it with just the click of a button.”

Read more about ESET NetProtect here.

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KPN has been the leading provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands for almost 140 years. Every Dutch person uses the KPN network on a daily basis, directly or indirectly, from the fiber optic connections in the ground to the ATMs in a shop or the matrix signs above the highway. Through the network of the Netherlands, in which KPN is continuously investing through the installation of fiber optic and the roll-out of, for example, the new 5G mobile network, KPN serves consumers and business customers with services for telephony, data, television, internet-of-things, cloud. , workplaces and security. KPN has an open network over which other providers also offer services. For questions regarding KPN , Gerd De Smyter, Sr Spokesperson KPN, +31 6 48 22 65 72, More information at