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•    STARMUS will bring an inspiring debate on the future of our planet to Bratislava turning the Slovak capital into the world’s science capital for a whole week this May.
•    The world's most ambitious science and music festival includes lectures, a music program, star gazing, and the STARMUS camp for the general public.
•    The festival will feature the Stephen Hawking Awards Ceremony, with the winners expected to be announced days before the start of the event.
•    STARMUS will bring eight Nobel laureates, astronauts, top researchers, and the greatest thought leaders in climate change, environment, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity to the city.
•    Tickets are available through and have gone on sale with an early bird discount available until April 15.

BRATISLAVA - March 21, 2024 – STARMUS, powered by ESET, today announces an unparalleled program for its seventh edition which is set to be the most inspiring debate on the future of our home planet. As announced in May 2023, the prestigious STARMUS festival – the brainchild of astrophysicist Garik Israelian, PhD, and Queen guitarist Sir Brian May, PhD in astrophysics – will hold its next edition in Bratislava this May.  

STARMUS will kick off with a performance by a legendary musician to be announced soon with the full line-up, followed by a four-day program of STARMUS Exclusive Talks with more than 50 world-class speakers and world-renowned artists in Bratislava´s Ice Hockey Stadium, The Ondrej Nepela Arena.

ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has consistently advocated for the progress of science and its transformative impact on society. The company firmly believes in the potential of science to drive significant progress for humanity and is committed to safeguarding this progress by providing AI-native security solutions.

I believe that our role here at ESET is more than just technology development and innovation. We stand for protecting the progress society is making. And we believe this progress is brought by science. Science brings solutions to many of humanity’s challenges. The work that we do to protect our communities from cyber threats, is just a small piece of what the wider scientific community is doing to protect people from disease, help technological progress, and educate everyone around the world.”  said Richard Marko, ESET CEO,who is also giving a talk named Tech for Earth: Rethinking Cybersecurity in the Age of Global Challenges during the second day of the conference. He will be joined by Starmus speakers, including astronaut Charlie Duke and technology visionary Tony Fadell.

STARMUS, in its first edition focusing on Planet Earth, will feature Nobel laureates, such as Michel Mayor, Emmanuelle Charpentier, and Kip Thorne; astronauts who made history as part of the space race – namely Charlie Duke or Chris Hadfield- and world icons, including Jane Goodall and the music legend Sir Brian May, co-founder of the festival.

The festival will also showcase exclusive performances from the popular Californian punk-rock band The Offspring, Tony Hadley, the former lead singer of the British pop icon from the 80s Spandau Ballet, and more one-off live performances to be announced soon with the full line-up.

One of the festival’s highlights will be the ceremony for the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication which awards excellence across four categories: Music & Arts, Science Writing, Films & Entertainment, and Lifetime Achievement.

This year, STARMUS, powered by ESET, is sponsored by VÚB Banka, OMEGA, and KIA Slovakia. The festival will be held under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic and the Mayor of Bratislava and under the patronage of the European Commission Representation in Slovakia.

Ticket Information:
Tickets, available at and include access to all festival events. Early bird discounts are available until April 15. Student Tickets for 98 euros and General Attendees tickets for 198 euros. Subsequently, tickets will be priced at 150 euros for Students and 250 euros for General Attendees.

The tickets include STARMUS Exclusive Lectures (May 13-17), Star Party (May 14), Stephen Hawking Medial Award Ceremony & Sonic Universe Concert (May 15).

To learn more about STARMUS click here.

Since the very first homo sapiens looked up at a star-filled sky, we have been awestruck by the vastness of the cosmos. Even today, we remain humbled by the sheer immensity of space, especially as progress in physics and astronomy has made us aware of the tremendous distances involved – even to our closest neighboring stars.
Created by Garik Israelian PhD, astrophysicist at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and Sir Brian May PhD, astrophysicist and the lead guitarist of the iconic rock band Queen, Starmus is a festival of science, art and music that has featured presentations from astronauts, cosmonauts, Nobel Prize winners and prominent figures from various scientific disciplines and musical backgrounds. Starmus brings Nobel laureates, eminent researchers, astronauts, thinkers and artists together to share their knowledge and experiences, as we search for answers to the great questions.
Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication Stephen Hawking and Alexei Leonov, together with Brian May, worked to create the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication in 2015, awarded to individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to science communication. Previous Stephen Hawking Medal winners include Dr. Jane Goodall, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Eno, Hans Zimmer, and the Apollo 11 documentary.  
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