Safer Internet Day: Protect your car and smart devices

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February 10th has been officially declared as “Safer Internet Day” – a day for all of us to “create a better internet together”., ESET’s news website, strongly supports this cause and offers a blog post by an independent security analyst Graham Cluley.

“Every day we are sharing tips with our readers about how to better secure their computers. But what is changing is that more and more devices are, almost without many of us even noticing, sneakily having computers embedded into them. And, if you and the vendors who build them are not careful, they could open avenues for a whole new range of internet attacks,” writes Cluley on

Called “Internet of Things”, the myriad of smart devices is connecting to the Internet. Buzz about the smart technology was created after Massachusetts Senator released a report entitled “Tracking & Hacking: Security & Privacy Gaps Put American Drivers at Risk”, that claims that many modern cars are endangering lives by exposing drivers to hacking attacks that could cause vehicles to be hijacked and crashed, and the personal information of drivers to be stolen.
Read more about Its Safer Internet Day. So where is our Internet of Secure Things? and Watch how car hackers can disable brakes and steal your personal data by Graham Cluley on
Raphael Labaca Castro
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