Vulnerable to Stagefright? Let ESET Stagefright Detector check your Android device

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With more than 950 million Android devices left vulnerable, Stagefright is one of the biggest vulnerabilities ever. It allows attackers to steal information from Android machines through remotely executed code disseminated via a maliciously crafted MMS. Even more endangered are those with the Hangout app installed. 
You can now check if your device is vulnerable to Stagefright: directly from the Google Play Store, download ESET Stagefright Detector, an app that helps to detect whether your Android device is vulnerable. 

What is Stagefright? Among the thousands of lines in the Android source code, there is a media library called Stagefright  in charge of managing multimedia formats, which allow you to play videos and music on your Android device. Users who also use Hangout could be even more at risk, since the device would be compromised almost automatically even before you are able to see the notification.
Read more in a detailed article on Stagefright on and see how you can eliminate the risk of being infected.  Raphael Labaca Castro
Editori in Chief,