Popular ESET Security Pack Now Includes ESET Parental Control for Android

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ESET® Parental Control for Android is now part of ESET Multi-Device Security – ESET’s security pack that offers protection for up to five computers and devices, running numerous operating systems, and saves users money compared to individual cover. Despite this addition, the price of the pack remains unchanged. 
Designed to be child-friendly and promote collaboration between children and their parents, ESET Parental Control for Android protects children from inappropriate mobile content on their Android smartphones or tablets. It offers several advanced features including:

  • Application Guard – Age-based filtering of applications from Google Play, with time management
  • Web Guard – Age-based web-browsing filter
  • Child Locator – On-demand location of children's devices
  • Parental Message – Messages which the child must acknowledge to continue using their device

ESET Parental Control takes up just one of the licenses included in each ESET Multi-Device Security, but allows users to protect all their children’s devices.

“We’ve interviewed numerous parents and performed several tests to find what’s most problematic for them when it comes to their kids being online,” said Branislav Orlik, Product Manager at ESET. “Based on our findings, we’ve added new features, adjusted existing ones and improved the user interface to make it more attractive for both parents and children.”

ESET Multi-Device Security enables home users to activate a range of ESET products with just a single license key, offering them more freedom and flexibility to choose the combination of products that suits them best. The pack comes with protection for most popular platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux and Android.
For more information about ESET Parental Control for Android and ESET Multi-Device Security, just visit the ESET website or download the app from Google Play