Security Expert Advice On How To Deal With Technical Support Scams

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, has just published an in-depth report on, entitled Tech Support: Scammers with Teeth, that provides insight on how to deal with technical support scammers who contact you by phone, claiming your computer system has been compromised.
The report, researched and written by David Harley, ESET Senior Research Fellow, outlines the pitfalls of scamming the scammer and scammer-baiting, where the victim - aware of the ruse - fights back. A number of real-life examples are listed, where technical support scammers have threatened physical violence, including assassination, rape and violence.
ESET Research Fellow David Harley also delves into what technical support scammers can do if you fail to identify the scam and give them access to your computer system, such as deleting, adding or editing data and programs, and locking the user out of his/her system.

“We get many comments from people who actually let the scammer have access to their PCs, wanting to know what to do now,” said David Harley, ESET Senior Research Fellow. “The best way of avoiding problems like these is to avoid giving access to your PC to anyone you can’t – or at least shouldn’t – trust. The problem will be easier to deal with if victims already have the means to boot from external media. It’s also worth considering using a third-party registry backup tool to supplement System Restore.”

Advice on how to report support scams and tips on how to avoid being the victim of this type of attack are also detailed. Moreover, the author provides insight on how to deal with the technical support scammer at the time of the call.
For more information on how to avoid and deal with technical support scams, read the full report, Tech Support: Scammers with Teeth

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