Security operations

The integration of the ESET Inspect XDR module with the Arctic Wolf Platform delivers personalized protection for your organization. It offers a rich set of capabilities such as incident detection, incident management and response, data collection, detection of indicators of compromise, anomaly detection, behavior detection, and policy violations. ESET telemetry enhances the customer’s security posture by aggregating data from diverse, global sources.

The main benefits for Arctic Wolf and ESET customers

  • Real-time Incident Response, including Post-Incident Analysis and Remediation: ESET Inspect will enable the detection of suspicious activity on a client’s endpoint, sending alerts to Arctic Wolf, who can then conduct a security investigation, confirming the threat and then employing immediate response followed by an analysis of the acquired data to assess the damage and prepare for future threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Because clients must comply with several regulatory standards that can require detailed logs of all activity on their endpoints, ESET Inspect will provide these logs so that Arctic Wolf can help their customers ensure compliance.
  • Managed Security for Resource Constrained Organizations: Many organizations often lack the resources to house internal security teams, so they contract an outside partner like Arctic Wolf to assist with their cyber defenses. Thanks to ESET Inspect and its data, Arctic Wolf customers will be better equipped to provide a high level of security to organizations of almost any size without them having to hire and train their own security personnel.