Stellar Cyber and ESET partner to deliver a highly optimized threat detection and response solution

Today’s lean security teams need products that minimize manual processes to keep their environments safe. ESET and Stellar Cyber are dedicated to delivering products incorporating intelligent automation that complements a security team's human expertise, making them as productive and effective as possible.   Working on this common goal, Stellar Cyber and ESET now offer organizations the ability to easily integrate these two marketing-leading products, driving significant improvements in security posture visibility, threat detection, and analyst productivity.

The main benefits for Stellar Cyber and ESET customers

  • Improving the proactive security posture of businesses and security providers
  • Minimizes the number of tools required to protect an organization
  • Drives a security team's productivity by eliminating manual processes associated with moving data from one tool to another
  • Produces industry-leading low false positive alert rates using cutting-edge threat detection technologies incorporated in the combined solution

See how the integration works

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