Understand the threats better, prioritize smarter, and react faster with ESET AI Advisor

ESET AI Advisor is your generative AI cybersecurity assistant, offering personalized insights and immediate assistance tailored to your specific cybersecurity needs.

By equipping security analysts with real-time, relevant and actionable insights, the ESET AI Advisor enables swift responses to critical situations, and minimizes the impact of security breaches, which results in more effective incident management processes.

The ESET AI Advisor also excels in facilitating faster decision-making for critical incidents. Security analysts can simply consult the ESET AI Advisor to understand the specific threats that environment faces. Leveraging extensive XDR-collected data, the ESET AI Advisor identifies and analyzes potential malware threats, providing intuitive insights into their behavior and impact.  

Our innovative generative AI-based cybersecurity assistant is rooted in ESET’s experience, over more than two decades, of innovation in AI-driven endpoint protection.

Key Features & Benefits

Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

ESET AI Advisor caters to users of all skill levels. It simplifies complex threat information, making it accessible even to less experienced IT and security professionals.

By enhancing threat understanding, it bridges the cybersecurity skills gap, empowering your users to make informed decisions and respond effectively to security incidents.

Faster Decision-Making for Critical Incidents

ESET AI Advisor accelerates decision-making by providing actionable insights. Less experienced professionals can rely on its recommendations to respond swiftly to critical incidents.

This reduces response time, minimizing the impact of security breaches and ensuring a more efficient incident management process.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

By managing routine processes such as data collection, extraction, and basic threat detection, it allows security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

C-Level Reporting

Benefit from AI-generated incident descriptions translated into human language for clear and concise insights.

ESET AI Advisor is designed to assist with a range of cybersecurity incidents, for example:

Malware Detection and Analysis

Identifies and analyzes potential malware threats, providing insights on their behavior and impact.

Phishing Attacks

Assists in recognizing phishing attempts, advising users on how to avoid falling victim to fraudulent emails or websites.

Suspicious Network Activity

Based on network traffic monitoring and analysis, flags unusual or suspicious behavior, helping security teams take appropriate action.