ESET named 'Top Player'
in Radicati APT Protection

Market Quadrant 2021

ESET is a ’Top Player’ for the second year in a row in Radicati’s 2021 Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Market Quadrant.

The Radicati report surveyed Advanced Persistent Threat Protection, a set of integrated solutions for the detection, prevention and possible remediation of zero-day threats and persistent malicious attacks.

Radicati defines Top Players as “the current market leaders with products that offer, both breadth and depth of functionality, as well as possess a solid vision for the future. Top Players shape the market with their technology and strategic vision. Vendors don’t become Top Players overnight."

Some of the key features and capabilities considered in the report include, but are not limited to, endpoint detection and response (EDR), deployment options, platform support, malware detection, sandboxing and quarantining, forensics and analysis of zero-day and advanced threats.

ESET is praised for its strong endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities such as real time data reporting including process and script execution and their extensive remediation/response abilities. The report also highlights ESET solutions for ease of deployment and ease of use, as well as offering multi‑language support.

Juraj Malcho, ESET’s chief technology officer, commented, “We are thrilled to be recognized as a Top Player in Radicati’s 2021 APT Protection Market Quadrant. Being ranked as a Top Player for a second year in a row reflects ESET’s continued drive to innovate and provide a holistic product portfolio to cover even the most advanced persistent threat scenarios. The past year has only reinforced how crucial IT security is for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we pride ourselves on our real-world-tested solutions, and on our commitment to creating a safer world for all users of technology.”

Learn how ESET’s enterprise security portfolio includes a unique combination of cutting-edge solutions, including strong EDR capabilities provided by ESET Enterprise Inspector, which could be perfect for your company.

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