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Cybersecurity Leader from Slovakia to Build the Next Hub of the Industry

ESET’s future green campus and company headquarters cost will rise to approximately 100 million Euro


It’s a five out of five for ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security recently earned five out of five stars in every category following a review by SC Magazine

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Building cyber-resilience: Lessons learned from the CrowdStrike incident

Organizations, including those that weren’t struck by the CrowdStrike incident, should resist the temptation to attribute the IT meltdown to exceptional circumstances

The tap-estry of threats targeting Hamster Kombat players

ESET researchers have discovered threats abusing the success of the Hamster Kombat clicker game

Cursed tapes: Exploiting the EvilVideo vulnerability on Telegram for Android

ESET researchers discovered a zero-day Telegram for Android exploit that allows sending malicious files disguised as videos

How a signed driver exposed users to kernel-level threats – Week in Security with Tony Anscombe

A purported ad blocker marketed as a security solution leverages a Microsoft-signed driver that inadvertently exposes victims to dangerous threats