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Detect and block unwanted emails with antispam

What is spam?

Receiving unwanted emails can be time-consuming and annoying. Because these days the majority of email traffic is spam, communicating via email would be difficult and inefficient without spam protection.

Worse, spam emails can cause real harm, such as directing you to malicious websites designed to steal confidential information (phishing) or carrying files that harbor malware such as viruses, spyware and ransomware.

Why you need antispam software

Antispam is software designed to prevent or block unwanted or unsolicited emails (also known as spam) from being opened or received.

Antispam software uses various means to detect unwanted messages, such as whitelists, blacklists, address lists, mail reputation authorities and keyword matching. The Antispam engine available in various ESET products assigns a spam score to each email message it scans and uses that score to determine the course of action (deliver email, deliver to junk email folder, etc.).

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How ESET antispam technology works

Rules application

The antispam software on your computer applies various rules to send unwanted email to the spam folder, or flag it in the inbox.

Bayesian filtering

When you mark an email as spam, the software “learns” what you consider spam and marks similar messages as spam in the future, a technique called Bayesian filtering.

Course of action

If ESET protects the mail server at your business, the server can either forward the email to you, place it in quarantine, reject it or simply delete it.

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