Najmočnejša kibernetska varnost na svetu,
ki temelji na vrhunskih raziskavah.

Edinstveno ravnovesje preprečevanje,
odkrivanje in odzivanje.

ESET Inspect

XDR-enabling component

Investigate data, events and alarms generated by ESET’s XDR-enabling solution, ESET Inspect.

Threat Hunting

Whenever a malicious executable, process or device is located, admins have access to contextual actions that they can implement immediately to remedy the issue.

Incident Response

View and block modules based on over 30 different indicators of compromise, including hash, registry modifications, file modifications and network connections.

IOC Search

See root cause analysis, and full process tree, for any potentially malicious chain of events, allowing you to make informed decisions.


The “maliciousness” of an activity depends on the context. With proper device groupings, admins can identify if specific activities should be performed by users on specific machines. Further context is provided thanks to ESET’s integration of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Enriched Context

ESET Inspect includes a rules-based detection engine for indicators of attack. Rules that are designed to identify suspicious malicious behavior trigger detections according to defined severities.

Detection Rules

Security Operations

Improve collaboration, reduce risk.

Actively track & fix vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications across all endpoints.

Vulnerability & Patch management

Guards against malicious system attacks on endpoints by controlling file, email and internet communication and applying appropriate remediation.

Endpoint Detection

ESET PROTECT is a robust platform interface that allows users to automate a variety of actions, including resolution of sophisticated incidents.

Automated Response

Proactive cloud-based defense against zero-day and never-before-seen threat types.

ESET LiveGuard Detections

Advanced protection for Microsoft 365 email, collaboration and storage applications.

Cloud Application Protection

Fully validated encryption ensures your organization’s data is protected and helps you comply with laws and regulations.


Seamless multi-factor authentication ensures access to your organization’s data is protected in compliance with laws and regulations.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Security Management

Protect your network, secure your data.

Allows admins to block or restrict read- or write-access to specified devices such as USB drives, bluetooth accessories or external hard drives.

Device Control

A ready-to-use solution, integrated within our platform interface, that covers Android and Apple devices.

Mobile Device Management

Regulate access to websites with inappropriate or harmful content, or pages that may have a negative impact on productivity.

Web Control

Control all network traffic to and from the system by allowing or denying individual network connections based on specified filtering rules.

Firewall Management

Retrieve hardware and software inventory details from connected devices, such as details about a device's RAM, storage, processor, etc.

HW & SW Inventory

Detect and control unknown or managed devices that are present on your network, and thereby mitigate potential security threats to your organization from unauthorized connections.

Rogue Device Management

IT Operations

Improve work flows, reduce costs.

  • UEFI Scanner Checks and enforces the security of the pre-boot environment to detect and report malicious components in the firmware.
  • LiveGrid® Our cloud reputation system, which utilizes data from ESET users worldwide and enables us to react immediately to the latest threats.
  • Advanced Machine Learning We've long pioneered machine learning to detect and block threats, resulting in the best detection rates and the lowest possible number of false positives.
  • LiveGuard Sandbox Executes suspicious samples in an isolated cloud test environment and evaluates their behavior using threat intelligence feeds, static and dynamic analysis, and reputation data.
  • DNA Detections Based on deep analysis, we construct ESET DNA Detections which are used to assess potentially suspect code.
  • Network Attack Protection Analyzes the content of network traffic and protects from network attacks. Any traffic which is considered harmful is blocked.
  • Script Scanner & AMSI Script-based attack protection against JavaScript in web browsers and scripts in Powershell.
  • Secure Browser Provides an additional layer of protection designed to protect sensitive data while browsing online (for example, financial data during online transactions).

ESET LiveSense

Multilayered technologies

  • Monitors and evaluates all executed applications based on their behavior and reputation to detect and block processes that resemble the behavior of ransomware. Ransomware Shield
  • Monitors typically exploitable applications (browsers, document readers, email clients, Flash, Java, and more) and focuses on exploitation techniques. Exploit Blocker
  • Works in combination with Exploit Blocker to strengthen protection against malware that seeks to evade detection via the use of obfuscation and/or encryption. Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Spots malware that has infected other software and is actively running. Monitors all the processes on a system at a low level and observes their behavior. Deep Behavioral Inspection
  • Detects and blocks automated attacks that try to use password-guessing techniques to gain access to your network. Brute-Force Attack Protection
  • Discovers malware through analyzing its network communication protocols. Defeats malware which tries to avoid detection and connect devices to botnet networks. Botnet Protection
  • When inspecting a file or URL, before any scanning takes place, our products check the local cache for known malicious or whitelisted benign objects. Reputation and Cache
  • ESET Threat Intelligence Threat Intelligence from ESET's world-renowned experts delivers in-depth feeds and APT reports. Get a unique perspective on the threat landscape and improve your cybersecurity posture.
  • ESET Managed Detection and Response ESET’s MDR combines ESET technology and digital security expertise to effectively and proactively detect and respond to any threat.
  • ESET Premium Support provides smooth deployment of ESET business products, ensures they operate flawlessly, and provides quick incident resolution. ESET Premium Support
  • The ESET Deployment and Upgrade service assures correct installation and set-up of ESET products and secures seamless upgrades between major versions of ESET products. ESET Deployment and Upgrade
  • ESET HealthCheck service examines your ESET business products policies, settings and configurations, identifies areas for improvement and suggests action points. ESET HealthCheck

Popoln nadzor, popolna vidljivost, vse z ene same, intuitivne nadzorne plošče

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Cloud Applications



A uniquely balanced security ecosystem


Strojno učenje

Že več kot 30 let smo pionirji strojnega učenja v prostoru kibernetske varnosti.

Človeško znanje

S 13 centri za raziskave in razvoj po vsem svetu naši varnostni raziskovalci svetovnega razreda delijo edinstveno znanje in izkušnje, da vam zagotovijo najboljše obveščevalne podatke 24/7.

ESET LiveGrid

Naš sistem v oblaku, ki uporablja podatke uporabnikov ESET-a po vsem svetu in nam omogoča takojšen odziv na najnovejše grožnje.


Izjemna detekcija

ESET-ova večplastna tehnologija je osredotočena na preprečevanje z najboljšim odkrivanjem na svetu.

Najmanj lažnih pozitivnih rezultatov

V testih so rešitve ESET dosledno uvrščene med najboljše za natančno diagnosticiranje groženj.

Najnižji vpliv na zmogljivost

Varnost ESET je znana po majhnih zahtevah, ki jih ima za infrastrukturo IT.


Preizkušena sistemska arhitektura

Varnost ESET je strogo testirana in temelji na več kot 30-letnih izkušnjah

Varnost na prvi pogled

S širokim pregledom in intuitivnim dizajnom naša enotna konzola ne bo preobremenila vaših skrbnikov.


Namestitev v oblaku

Rešitve ESET v celoti temeljijo na oblaku, kar odpravlja potrebo po nakupu in vzdrževanju strojne opreme.

Namestitev na mestu uporabe

Lahko pa se odločite za uvedbo varnostnih rešitev ESET v podjetju.

Dosledno priznan in hvaljen s strani vodilnih industrijskih analitikov

ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 According to IDC, ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 thanks to its industry longevity, technical prowess, research excellence and financial stability.

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ESET was awarded in multiple independent tests

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ESET is a ‘Top Player’ in Advanced Persistent Threat protection ESET has been recognized as a ‘Top Player’ for the fourth year in a row in Radicati’s 2023 Advanced Persistent Threat Market Quadrant

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ESET is appreciated by customers worldwide

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  • Console
  • Modern Endpoint Protection
  • Server Security

All of Entry and:

  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Advanced Threat Defense

All of Advanced and:

  • Cloud App Protection
  • Mail Security
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management

All of Complete and:

  • Detection and Response
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

All of Elite and:

  • MDR Service
  • Deployment and Upgrade
  • Premium Support Advanced

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