ESET becomes a Top Player & best EU-based cybersecurity vendor


Radicati APT Market Quadrant 2024

Once again, ESET has been named a TOP PLAYER by Radicati in the Advanced Persistent Threat Market Quadrant 2024. This is the fifth consecutive year that ESET has earned this acknowledgement.


Radicati Market Quadrants are designed to show how vendors fit into specific technology markets at any given time. This edition of the Radicati Market Quadrant covers Advanced Persistent Threat Protection, a set of integrated solutions for detecting, preventing and potentially remediating zero-day threats and persistent malicious attacks. Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection market is one of the fastest growing areas in our industry.

In the APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Market Quadrant, Radicati evaluates two criteria – Functionality and Strategy vision – and ranks the vendors in four categories accordingly. For five years now, ESET has been placed into the highest tier of vendors who offer both breadth and depth of functionality and have a solid vision for the future: the Top Player. Top players significantly impact the market with their technological advancements and strategic vision. Achieving top player status is not instantaneous; it requires companies to consistently combat complacency and prioritize ongoing innovation.

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Major takeaways:

  • ESET PROTECT is a unified single-click security management platform that delivers extended detection and response (XDR) with granular visibility,risk assessment, incident response, investigation, and remediation. It supports all major operating systems (i.e., Windows, macOS, and Linux).
  • ESET solutions offer multi-language support and a large set of localized versions.
  • ESET Endpoint security solutions use Intel® TDT as an additional source of threat telemetry to assist in the detection of threats which use advanced evasion techniques, such as zero-day variants, binary obfuscation, cloaking in a virtual machine, and fileless attacks.
  • ESET solutions offer a low footprint with low system resource usage.
  • Customers appreciate ESET solutions for their ease of deployment and use.

ESET advocates a balanced approach to digital security that empowers your organization to succeed. Our philosophy can be summarized in three words: Prevent. Detect. Respond.

Find out why this approach is the most desirable for the enterprise environment and how your company can benefit by being protected by ESET.

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For more than 30 years, ESET® has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services to deliver comprehensive, multilayered protection against cybersecurity threats for businesses and consumers worldwide. ESET has long pioneered machine learning and cloud technologies that prevent, detect, and respond to malware. ESET is a privately owned company that promotes scientific research and development worldwide.

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"We are dedicated to protecting the progress that technology enables."
Richard Marko, CEO, ESET

"We are dedicated to protecting the progress that technology enables."
Richard Marko, CEO, ESET