5 things you have to do to your computer this summer

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Travelling? Working outside your office? Fancy surfing while sitting in a café? Surfing while waiting at the airport? Before you start up your laptop why don´t you do something for its security? Here are 5 easy-to-provide and useful things to do to your computer this summer.

  1. Update your browser (Be sure you have the very recent version of your favorite internet browser; Malware authors know about exploits and abuse it to spread malicious code)
  2. Change passwords frequently (Not a popular thing to do, but you´d better change your passwords to all of your mail and other accounts. Use different one to every account. Instead of your daughter’s name or the name of a street you live on choose strong password – a combination of capital letters and numbers.
  3. User profile instead of administrator (For surfing the web in public places, you´d better create user profile on your computer instead of logging in under administrator profile)
  4. Back-up (Before taking a laptop out, protect your pictures, music, documents and other valuable data by simple back-up: burn data on CD or copy it to USB disc. Laptop should be stolen or damaged or compromised so take a few minutes to back-up)
  5. Update your security software and custom scan (Be sure your security software is updated onto the recent virus database and use custom (deep) scan more often)